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What does chingar mean?

Chingar is a vulgar Spanish slang verb meaning “to fuck,” and is used about as widely and variously as the English verb fuck.

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Where does chingar come from?

[Fuck like rabbits]

Chingar has two main meanings: “to fuck with” (screw with) or “to fuck” (have sex with) somebody. It’s prevalent in Latin America, and in Mexico, it can mean “to knock back drinks.” The verb is said to ultimately derive from a Romany word meaning “to fight.”

One form of chingar is chingada, a “fucking thing,” which can be used like English’s intensifier fucking e.g., That fucking thing pisses me off. La chingada can also mean “a crappy situation”—or real town in Veracruz, Mexico!

Reggaeton music, which heavily features chingar, has helped to popularize chingar throughout the world.


[If Bad Bunny made the song for the 2018 World Cup, it’d be something like: “We’ll fuck while we watch the World Cup, ride my dick until we reach the end, I’ll score a goal at an angle, with a style that’s criminal.] Dopl3r

Examples of chingar

I know... I know... "¡Chinga tu madre, cabrón!" The sooner you say that the better you'll feel, Ivan.
@HuntWMD, October 2018
"Ve a chingar a tu madre", porque, claro, una madre está para eso, para aguantar, siempre aguantar lo que sea y de quien sea. Eso sí, le quitamos el carácter sexual que es todavía más ofensivo. ["Go fuck yourself", because, of course, a mother is there for that, to hold on, always hold on to whatever or whoever. Of course, we take away the sexual character that is still more offensive.]
Viridiana Gómez, HuffPost Mexico, May 2018
[ - Did you see the moon? / - Yes. 😍 / -Okay, well I'll send you to go fuck yourself even there if you leave me on read again.] Dopl3r

Who uses chingar?

It bears repeating: Chingar is vulgar slang, not to be used in formal settings. But it’s a staple for “(sexual) fucking” in popular reggaeton songs.

Forms and senses of chingar are many. Saying ¡Ah chingao! is similar to “Oh!” or “Really?!” Que bien chinga can refer to someone or something that’s annoying.

[Keep Calm and Stop Fucking Around]

Then there’s a classic Spanish swear, chinga tu madre, which translates to “go fuck yourself” (literally, fuck your mother). This is reserved for only the most frustrating of people.

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