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Aries is the astrological sign for people who are born from around March 21–April 19. Although this star sign starts well into the calendar year, Aries is actually the first sign in the zodiac, which is probably why Aries season is always thought to bring on the beginning of turbulent and wild times. It falls directly between Pisces and Taurus on the zodiac calendar.

A fire sign, Aries is ruled by Mars and symbolized by the flying ram. Said to be in possession of the “cardinal quality,” or an ability to embrace and facilitate change, Aries is the perfect sign to usher in spring, a natural time of rebirth, change, and growth.

What does Aries symbolize?

Those born under Aries have the distinction of belonging to one of the 48 constellations that were originally described by Ptolemy in the second century, and to this day, Aries remains one of the 88 modernly recognized constellations. But the constellation has been associated with a ram since Babylonian times (some accounts say it is mentioned in tablets dating back to 1350–1000 BCE). Aries have been go-getters since the very beginning!

The name Aries comes from the Latin word for ram (a male sheep). The Aries emoji ♈ usually depicts the symbol of Aries, which resembles the horns of a ram. This should not surprise those who know that much of the mythology surrounding Aries comes from the Greek story of the Golden Fleece. In the story, Phrixus sacrifices a winged ram after it rescues him and his sister, Helle (who, sadly, did not survive the flight). After the sacrifice, the ram is shaved and his golden fleece is given to King Aeëtes. As it hung on a tree within his kingdom, his daughter Medea, and her future husband, Jason, stole it and ran away to be married. According to the myth, Zeus rewarded the courageous ram with a permanent place in the stars.

Chart your linguistic stars by taking a closer look at the meaning and usage of the term Aries.

What are some Aries traits?

In addition to being recognized as go-getters and leaders, Aries are generally described with the following positive adjectives:

  1. Tenacious: Known for their determination, Aries can be persistent in going after what they want. This is a great trait for leaders to have. Maybe that’s why fellow Aries Larry Page (the co-founder of Google) and Jeff Zucker (the president of CNN) have been so successful in life.
  2. Sanguine: Aries believe that they can do anything, which is why they are often described as confident, optimistic, and cheerful. If you’re not familiar with the word sanguine, it may be because it is often used when referring to blood or the color red. Which makes sense, since Aries are usually associated with the color red.
  3. Rhapsodic: Enthusiastic at their core, Aries are eager, exuberant, and passionate. This is likely another reason why they are such good adapters and facilitators of change; they can get excited about anything from opening a fresh notebook to the start of a brand-new year. That rhapsodic quality can be contagious, which helps them bring those who are reluctant to change into the fold (like stubborn Taurus and emotional Scorpios).
  4. Ardent: Passionate about many things, Aries can be ruled by their intense feelings and devotions. Sometimes described as burning, fiery, or hot, ardent is the perfect word to describe a fire sign that is ruled by Mars.
  5. Forthright: This could go on either the plus or the minus side for Aries, since sometimes being a straight-shooter, frank, or direct can be seen as a negative quality (especially when you’re offering honesty to someone who does not want to be told the truth).

It’s not all good news, though

You cannot have the sweet without the bitter, and even Aries are known for some less-than-favorable traits. They have a tendency to get hampered in their quest to lead, or accomplish big goals, by their aggressiveness and impatience. Here are some weaker adjectives that can describe an Aries:

  1. Impatient: The saying “she does not suffer fools gladly” was probably originally used to describe an Aries. They can lack patience and often have high expectations of those around them. When those expectations are not met, look out!
  2. Melancholy: It’s not all fun and games for the energetic Aries. Sometimes they can be faced with gloomy or pensive thoughts, seeming to shift from energetic go-getter to moody and pensive in an instant.

    WATCH: The Bizarre Origin Of The Word "Melancholy"

  3. Cantankerous: Speaking of moody! Short-tempered Aries can drop from their pensive state to one of being downright disagreeable without warning.
  4. Impetuous: Impulsive at times, Aries can find themselves making sudden or rash decisions based on emotion instead of fact. Abrupt decisions or course changes can hurt the normally business-minded Aries in the office, turning their impetuous nature into a double-whammy.
  5. Pugnacious: It should not be surprising that Aries can be known for being aggro. The aggressive sign knows what it wants and goes after it, but that can lead to them being seen as (or actually becoming) quarrelsome, belligerent, and combative.

An Aries-worthy happy ending, with a quiz

But have no fear, Aries babies (not that any courageous Aries would be worried to begin with), because you are in good company. Fellow famous Aries like Eddie Murphy, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Robert Downey, Jr., Mariah Carey, and America Ferrera all share your determined nature.

It has worked out well for them, and we have a hunch it will keep working out for you! Do these words describe an Aries you know? For more word fun, review our Aries word list, which can be used to create spelling quizzes and flashcards. Or take our quick quiz about these Aries facts and traits to prove it.

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