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Idioms about farm

    buy the farm, Slang. to die or be killed.

Origin of farm

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English ferme “lease, rented land, rent,” from Anglo-French, Old French, from Vulgar Latin ferma (unattested), derivative of fermāre (unattested) for Latin firmāre “to make firm, confirm”; see firm1


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What is a farm?

A farm is a plot of land that is used to grow crops and raise livestock, as in On our farm, we raise sheep and sell their wool.

The word farm is also used as a verb to mean to work land to grow crops or to raise animals.

Farms can be found in nearly every country with land suitable for growing things or feeding animals. A farm usually includes a house where the owner, their family, and their workers live and other buildings, such as a barn to house animals and a silo to store feed or harvested crops.

In this same sense, farm means to cultivate the land of a farm or to raise animals on a farm, as in He farms chickens and cows for a living.

Often, another word is used with farm to note what kind of crops or animals are found at a given farm. For example, a chicken farm would focus on raising chickens, while a potato farm would be dedicated to growing potatoes.

A farm may also be an area of water used to raise fish, aquatic plants, or aquatic animals. For example, you could own a salmon farm where you raise salmon in tanks or enclosed ponds to be sold as food.

Example: My grandfather owns a dairy farm where he raises cows and sells milk.

Where does farm come from?

The first records of farm come from around 1250. It ultimately comes from the Latin firmāre, meaning “to settle.”

Farm is also often used metaphorically to refer to a business or outlet that produces a large quantity of something very quickly. For example, a puppy farm is a business that quickly breeds dogs, usually without concern for animal health. A content farm is a website that publishes a large amount of content meant to earn lots of money through advertising with content that satisfies search engine algorithms but not necessarily human readers. And a server farm is a large collection of computer servers that a company uses for its own needs or rents out to others for their computing needs.

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What are some other forms related to farm?

  • farmer (noun)
  • farming (noun, present tense verb)
  • farmable (adjective)
  • minifarm (noun)
  • superfarm (noun)
  • unfarmable (adjective)
  • unfarmed (adjective)

What are some synonyms for farm?

What are some words that share a root or word element with farm?

What are some words that often get used in discussing farm?

How is farm used in real life?

Farm is a very common word that most often refers to a place where crops are grown and animals are raised.

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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym for farm?

A. homestead
B. yard
C. ranch
D. plantation

How to use farm in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for farm

/ (fɑːm) /

See also farm out

Derived forms of farm

farmable, adjective

Word Origin for farm

C13: from Old French ferme rented land, ultimately from Latin firmāre to settle
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