[ jen-uh-tahyp, jee-nuh- ]

  1. the genetic makeup of an organism or group of organisms with reference to a single trait, set of traits, or an entire complex of traits.

  2. the sum total of genes transmitted from parent to offspring.

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Origin of genotype

<German Genotypus (1909); see gene, -o-, -type

Other words from genotype

  • gen·o·typ·ic [jen-uh-tip-ik, jee-nuh-], /ˌdʒɛn əˈtɪp ɪk, ˌdʒi nə-/, gen·o·typ·i·cal, adjective
  • gen·o·typ·i·cal·ly, adverb

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How to use genotype in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for genotype


/ (ˈdʒɛnəʊˌtaɪp) /

  1. the genetic constitution of an organism

  2. a group of organisms with the same genetic constitution

Derived forms of genotype

  • genotypic (ˌdʒɛnəʊˈtɪpɪk) or genotypical, adjective
  • genotypically, adverb
  • genotypicity (ˌdʒɛnəʊtɪˈpɪsɪtɪ), noun

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Scientific definitions for genotype


[ jĕnə-tīp′, jēnə-tīp′ ]

  1. The genetic makeup of an organism as distinguished from its physical characteristics. Compare phenotype.

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Cultural definitions for genotype


A combination of alleles situated on corresponding chromosomes that determines a specific trait.

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