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[ lan-ding ]


  1. the act of a person or thing that lands:

    The pilot brought his plane in for a landing.

  2. a place where persons or goods are landed, as from a ship:

    The boat moored at the landing.

  3. Architecture.
    1. a platform between flights of stairs.
    2. the floor at the head or foot of a flight of stairs.
  4. Shipbuilding.
    1. the overlap of two plates or planks, as in a clinker-built shell.
    2. the distance between the center of a rivet hole and the edge of the plate or shape into which it is cut.


/ ˈlændɪŋ /


    1. the act of coming to land, esp after a flight or sea voyage
    2. ( as modifier )

      landing place

  1. a place of disembarkation
  2. the floor area at the top of a flight of stairs or between two flights of stairs

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Other Words From

  • post·landing adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of landing1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; land, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile social media titan Facebook, which would have been a natural landing spot for TikTok, has to sit on the sidelines.

From Fortune

On the basis of that premise, thought was given to increasing SERP visibility by growing the volume of landing pages.

This includes the landing site for the NASA Perseverance rover arriving next February at the Jezero Crater, and that mission could possibly make some room to look for this sort of evidence.

This work may entail translating keywords, ad copy, and landing page copy into another language.

What we discovered was that the most important factors that were correlated with top rankings were high Domain Authority and long-form landing page content.

The Lion Air captain had left his rookie copilot to make the landing until he realized he was in trouble.

Pages from the Quran fluttered in the air before landing gently on the rubble.

Pan Am was granted landing rights at Camp Colombia, an army base near Havana.

We got to the landing and ran through the open door bin Laden entered.

A pair of shots chiseled into the wall behind the second story landing.

In 1634 he also prohibited the landing of tobacco any where except at the quay near the custom house in London.

I've been sailing one way for ever so long, because I don't know how to turn around; but there's a landing-place just ahead.

There were machine guns here which wiped out the landing parties whenever they tried to get ashore North of the present line.

A full General landing to inspect overseas is entitled to a salute of 17 guns—well, I got my dues.

Nevertheless, both our arrival that evening and our landing the next morning were very quiet and peaceful.


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More About Landing

What does landing mean?

Landing is the act of returning to the ground after having been in flight or up in the air. It can also be used to refer to the act of returning to the land after having been in water.

Landing also commonly refers to an instance of doing this. This especially involves aircraft, as in That was a rough landing. But it can also be applied to a person, as in She’ll have to stick the landing if she wants a perfect score. 

Landing can also mean a place where ships can dock.

It can also refer to the floor at the top of a flight of stairs or the platform between two flights of stairs. The landing often has a bigger surface area than the steps and is usually positioned between flights when they change directions.

The word landing comes is also the continuous tense (-ing form) of the verb land, as in We will be landing shortly.

Example: I’m much more nervous during the landing than at takeoff.

Where does landing come from?

The first records of the word landing as a noun come from the 1400s. Though today it’s most commonly associated with airplanes, it was first used in the context of ships (not surprisingly, since planes weren’t invented until much later).

When landing is used in the context of an aircraft, it’s often paired with a word that describes how it happened, as in hard landing, crash landing, or water landing. A landing strip is a flat stretch where planes can land and take off. A landing pad is a place for a helicopter to land and take off. A landing page is a page on a website designed to be the first place users go when coming to the site, such as from clicking an offsite link. This term likens the page to a landing strip or landing pad where users will “land” upon visiting the site.

In gymnastics, to stick the landing is to land in a way so that your feet stay on the ground without having to take an extra step. The phrase stick the landing is now sometimes used as a slang term meaning to flawlessly perform the last action of some task.

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  • postlanding (adjective)

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How is landing used in real life?

The word landing is often associated with what happens after flying, but it’s commonly used in many contexts.



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Landing is always used in the context of aircraft and never to refer to ships coming to land.




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