[nim-fuh-mey-nee-ak, nim-foh‐]
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adjective Also nym·pho·ma·ni·a·cal [nim-foh-muh-nahy-uh-kuh l] /ˌnɪm foʊ məˈnaɪ ə kəl/.
  1. (of a woman) afflicted with abnormally excessive sexual desire.
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Contemporary Examples of nymphomaniac

Historical Examples of nymphomaniac

  • For an instant "nymphomaniac" flashed across his consciousness.

    Painted Veils

    James Huneker

  • You certainly had your hands full—a dual personality and a nymphomaniac.

    The Bright Messenger

    Algernon Blackwood

  • Nelda is the nymphomaniac sister, and Geraldine is the dipsomaniac.

    Murder in the Gunroom

    Henry Beam Piper

  • A nymphomaniac, in 1688, caused the Valencia tribunal an even longer term of perplexity.

  • The maternal great-grandmother was a nymphomaniac, whose son married a woman of loose morals, by whom a daughter was born.


    Eugene S. Talbot

Word Origin and History for nymphomaniac

1861 (adj.), 1867 (n.), from nymphomania.

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