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  1. a sphere or globe: a Christmas tree hung with brightly colored orbs.

  2. the eyeball or eye: He looks with blind orbs on an indifferent world.

  1. any of the heavenly bodies, as the sun or moon: He lay on the grass, warmed by that orb of day, the sun.

  2. a globe bearing a cross; the mound or emblem of sovereignty, especially as part of the regalia of England.

  3. Astrology. the number of degrees from exactness within which an aspect operates.

  4. a circle or something circular.

  5. Astronomy. (formerly) the orbit of a heavenly body.

  6. the earth.

verb (used with object)
  1. to form into a circle or sphere.

  2. Archaic. to encircle; enclose.

verb (used without object)
  1. to move in an orbit.

  2. to form into an orb or globe; round out.

Origin of orb

First recorded in 1520–30, orb is from the Latin word orbis circle, disk, orb

Other words from orb

  • orbless, adjective
  • orblike, adjective
  • un·orbed, adjective

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How to use orb in a sentence

  • And they were surnamed Cyclopes (orb-eyed) because one orbed eye was set in their foreheads.

  • His fatherly nature and his full-orbed glory are dwelt upon in adoring and glowing terms.

    Sumerian Hymns | Frederick Augustus Vanderburgh
  • A full orbed moon stood just atop the trees that lined the eastern rim of hills.

    The Purple Flame | Roy J. Snell
  • Where the days when he removed himself, as it were, and watched his full-orbed creations careering in the intellectual void?

    The Divine Fire | May Sinclair
  • In the morning light my angel sat, and her notes, full orbed and star-like, descended upon my brain.

British Dictionary definitions for orb


/ (ɔːb) /

  1. (in royal regalia) an ornamental sphere surmounted by a cross, representing the power of a sovereign

  2. a sphere; globe

  1. poetic another word for eye 1

  2. obsolete, or poetic

    • a celestial body, esp the earth or sun

    • the orbit of a celestial body

  3. an archaic word for circle

  1. to make or become circular or spherical

  2. (tr) an archaic word for encircle

Origin of orb

C16: from Latin orbis circle, disc

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