[ pig-out ]
/ ˈpɪgˌaʊt /
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noun Slang.
an instance of overindulging in eating; food binge.
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Origin of pig-out

First recorded in 1975–80; noun use of verb phrase pig out

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What does pig out mean?

Pig out is a verb phrase that means to eat a large or excessive amount of food in a sitting or over a short period of time, as in I am really looking forward to pigging out on Thanksgiving. 

Sometimes, pig out is followed by the word on and the food that is being eaten in large quantities, as in He got a stomachache after he pigged out on candy. The phrase is especially associated with the consumption of junk food. You could pig out on any kind of food, but the phrase is more likely to be used if the food is considered particularly unhealthy.

Pig out likens a person’s eating to that of pigs, which are known for being ravenous eaters. Usually, saying that someone eats like a pig is very rude and can be offensive. However, pig out is often used playfully and in the context of one’s own eating, perhaps to be self-deprecating. Still, saying that someone else is pigging out can be seen as negative.

The noun pig-out refers to an instance of eating in this way, as in Thanksgiving is going to be a real pig-out. 

Example: My grandfather made a huge spread for the big game and encouraged all of us to pig out.

Where does pig out come from?

The first records of pig out come from the 1970s. It is a slang phrase that draws on the popular image of pigs as gluttonous eaters. The word out is used in a similar way in other slang phrases that involve doing something to the extreme or without inhibition, such as flip out, freak out, and geek out.

People commonly use pig out when they plan to or have eaten a big meal or what they consider to be an excessive amount of food. Pig out is sometimes used in the context of a cheat day or a time when a person is treating themself.

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  • pig-out (noun)

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How is pig out used in real life?

Pig out is commonly used in a playful or humorous way. It can be seen as negative, but it is not commonly intended to be.



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My sister yelled at me after I pigged out on the cookies and didn’t leave any for her.

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British Dictionary definitions for pig-out

pig out

(intr, adverb) slang to gorge oneself
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pig out

Eat ravenously, gorge oneself, as in The kids pigged out on the candy they had collected on Halloween. [Slang; early 1970s]

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