[ prev-uh-luhns ]
/ 藞pr蓻v 蓹 l蓹ns /
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the condition of being prevalent, or widespread: The study examines the prevalence of profanity in video games.
the degree to which something is prevalent or widespread, especially a disease, disorder, or pathogen: The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is rising worldwide.
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Rarely prev路a路lent路ness [prev-uh-luhnt-nis] /藞pr蓻v 蓹 l蓹nt n瑟s/ .


non路prev路a路lence, noun
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What does聽prevalence mean?

Prevalence is the state or condition of being widespread or in general use or acceptance.

Prevalence is the noun form of the adjective prevalent, meaning widespread, common, or extensive.

In the context of medicine, prevalence refers to how widespread a disease is鈥攕pecifically, the total number of cases in a population at a given time.

Example: The prevalence of social media use among teens is often linked to the rise in mental health issues like anxiety.

Where does聽prevalence聽come from?

The first records of the word prevalence come from around the early 1600s. It ultimately derives from the Latin praeval膿re, meaning 鈥渢o have superior strength鈥 or 鈥渢o prevail.鈥 (The word prevail is also based on this word.)

Prevalence can be thought of commonness or widespreadness. In fact, another way to make the adjective prevalent into a noun is the word prevalentness. But the word prevalence is much more 鈥 prevalent鈥攎eaning it鈥檚 much more commonly used. It鈥檚 often used in discussions of how widespread things are in society or within a particular culture, like the prevalence of memes on social media or the prevalence of a belief among a certain demographic (specific category of people).

In the context of medicine, prevalence is used in just about the same way, but it involves measuring how widespread a certain disease is in a certain population of people. When scientists find that a disease is prevalent among certain people, they then try to find the reason for that prevalence.

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How is聽prevalence used in real life?

Fittingly, prevalence is a common word. It鈥檚 often used in discussions about widespread cultural phenomena.



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Which of the following words is LEAST likely to be used to describe something that鈥檚 known for its prevalence?

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D. ubiquitous

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