[ rav-ee-oh-lee, rah-vee-; Italian rah-vyaw-lee ]
/ ˌræv iˈoʊ li, ˌrɑ vi-; Italian rɑˈvyɔ li /

noun (used with a singular or plural verb)

small cases of pasta, often square, stuffed with a filling, usually of meat or cheese, and often served with a tomato sauce.

Origin of ravioli

1835–45; < Italian, plural of dial. raviolo little turnip, diminutive of rava < Latin rāpa; see rape2

Usage note

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British Dictionary definitions for ravioli


/ (ˌrævɪˈəʊlɪ) /


small squares of pasta containing a savoury mixture of meat, cheese, etc

Word Origin for ravioli

C19: from Italian dialect, literally: little turnips, from Italian rava turnip, from Latin rāpa
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