🦶 - foot emoji

or foot emoji

[foo t ih-moh-jee]

What does 🦶 mean?

The foot emoji, 🦶, depicts a human foot at various angles.


It's used for a wide range of content dealing with feet, from walking to pedicures to figurative missteps.

Examples of 🦶 - foot emoji


Examples of 🦶 - foot emoji
Nice footwork! 🦶 🦶 Sometimes that’s what it takes. 👍🏼
@twone2, December, 2018
My cousin bf getting his 🦶 done and the nail tech is disgusted lol it’s too funny
@shad_rah, February, 2019
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Where does 🦶 - foot emoji come from?

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The foot emoji, 🦶, was approved under Unicode 11.0 in 2018.

On older, unsupported platforms, it may appear as a box or question mark. But, that’s OK. We’re here to tell you what it looks like.

The foot emoji represents a human foot from various angles, often delineating all five toes. Apple and WhatsApp’s designs depict the sole of a foot. Google’s design shows a right foot and ankle, while other major platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Samsung, show the left.

Screenshot / Emojipedia

Like many other emoji that show people and their parts, the default color for the foot emoji is a Simpsons yellow. But, the foot emoji also has skin-tone modifiers, ranging from light to dark: 🦶🏻, 🦶🏼, 🦶🏽, 🦶🏾, and 🦶🏿.

On Apple operating systems, the foot emoji, as noted, shows the bottom of the foot. Darker skin tones of this emoji have prompted some criticism by people who, rightly, point out that darker-skinned people usually have lighter skin tones on their soles (and palms).

The foot emoji is a more realistic alternative to the footprints emoji, 👣, which joined Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and depicts the outline of two human feet. It’s often used in combination with the foot emoji and the paw prints emoji, 🐾.

Who uses 🦶 - foot emoji?

The foot emoji is frequently used in reference to all things foot-related, figuratively and literally. This includes walking …

… foot massages and pedicures

… footwear …

… and various foot-related figures of speech (e.g., misstep for “blunder”).

The foot emoji also marks content dealing with athletic footwork, as in the sport of basketball.

People also use the foot emoji to discuss their, yup, foot fetishes. (Hey, whatever floats your boat.)

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