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🦈 Shark emoji

[ shahrk ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🦈 Shark emoji mean?

The Shark emoji 🦈 depicts a gray shark resembling a great white shark. It is commonly used to discuss actual sharks, especially during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, and sports teams named after sharks.

The Shark emoji 🦈 is also used to refer to sharks in the sense of greedy, cheating people (e.g., loan shark), extremely talented individuals (pool shark), or aggressive, predatory people.

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Where does 🦈 Shark emoji come from?

The Shark emoji 🦈 was approved under Unicode 9.0 in 2016. On all major platforms, the emoji resembles a gray shark facing left. Often, the shark has a pale underside, specifically evoking a great white shark.

The Shark emoji 🦈 was proposed alongside other animals such as the Bat πŸ¦‡ and Lizard 🦎emoji, among many others. The proposal noted the shark’s popularity as an animal, its use as a food item, its frequency in web searches, and its use in metaphorsβ€”including, the proposal wryly cited, in reference to lawyers.

Examples of 🦈 Shark emoji

I've got a cat circling me like a shark 🦈
@bensotophoto, May 20, 2017
There's only one week out of the whole year when I regret not having cable and that's shark week. I love sharks 🦈
@AnnaAndromalos7, July 19, 2017

Who uses 🦈 Shark emoji?

The Shark emoji 🦈 is used to discuss literal sharks and the popular Shark Week television program event on the Discovery Channel each year.

The emoji is also used to refer to metaphorical sharks.

The Shark emoji 🦈 sees frequent use for sports teams named after sharks, such as the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.

Due to a similar appearance, the Shark emoji 🦈 is easily confused for the Dolphin emoji 🐬.

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