What does autoromantic mean?


Autoromantic is a term for the experience of romantic attraction to oneself. Its sexual counterpart is autosexual.

Examples of autoromantic


Examples of autoromantic
yahoo answers how can i become autoromantic i really want to love and accept myself :'((((
@riinkanei, June 2017
Autosexuality is one such identification that is seldom talked about. It’s the idea of being sexually attracted to yourself, and can also come with being autoromantic – experiencing the relationship with yourself as romantic.
Faima Bakar, Metro, March 2019
It should be noted that not all aromantic people or aromantic spectrum people fit into romance repulsed or romance indifferent categories, and that some may even enjoy romance in some aspects (such as when it comes to fictional characters, for example, or a grey-romantic who enjoys being in romantic relationships).
Aromantic Aardvark, Tumblr, August 2012

Where does autoromantic come from?


In discussions of sexuality and relationships, terms featuring -romantic are used to distinguish romantic attractions from sexual ones. For instance, an aromantic person experiences no romantic attraction to others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re asexual (i.e., they don’t experience sexual attraction).

The term auto-romantic is first found in 1971, used then simply as a playful term for a car enthusiast. The term appears again on an internet Usenet group in 2003, that time as a bit of poetic wordplay.

Autoromantic—for someone who has a romantic relationship with oneself or prefers romantic feelings towards oneself more so than with others— notably appears on a forum on the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) in 2007.

In April 2017, writer Ghia Vitale published a piece on Medium describing her sexual and romantic orientation as autosexual and autoromantic, experiencing a relationship with herself and preferring it over any others. Her piece  was discussed in some popular publications, such as Refinery29, greatly increasing autoromantic’s visibility.

Who uses autoromantic?

Some people identify their romantic orientation as autoromantic…

…while, as we see with autosexual, others more playfully use the term for self-love, especially when they’re feeling jaded by relationships.

Additionally, you’ll see the terms autosexual or autoromantic used by people who criticize the concepts as forms of simple narcissism.

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