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What does coomer mean?

Coomer is an internet meme based on an illustration of a scraggly male character who is mocked as an excessive masturbator. More broadly, coomer (with a lowercase C) is an often ironic insult for an oversexed young man or, more generally, a loser.

Coomer is featured in the Coomer pledge, an internet trend, usually humorous in nature, in which men who have failed so-called No Nut November (refraining from masturbating during that month) promise to use Coomer‘s image as their profile picture on social media. The phrase OK coomer is also used as dismissive response online.

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Where does Coomer come from?

4chan (anonymous)

Coomer is considered a variation on Wojak (or Feels Guy), a bald-headed man used in various internet memes, often to express various ironic emotions. Specifically, Coomer is an intentionally poorly drawn computer image of a man’s face with a scraggly, light-brown beard and hair, wrinkly forehead, red eyes, and menacing but realistic-looking grin.

4chan (anonymous)

The first appearance of the Coomer image can be traced to a 4chan forum in December 2018. In May 2019, a different 4chan user created a caricature, called “the 20 year old Coomer.” The caricature added a body an unkempt body to Coomer and text portraying him as an excessive masturbator; his right arm is depicted as extremely muscular as the result of his chronic masturbation.

The name Coomer, apparently, is intended to refer to a man who likes to coom, a variant spelling of the sexual slang cum. Coomer also riffs on 30-year-old Boomer and Zoomer, similar Wojak-like internet memes mocking baby boomers and members of Generation Z.

In late October 2019, Twitter user @TeapotLad posted an apparently joking challenge that men who failed No Nut November (itself a usually joking challenge in which men commit to refrain from masturbating for the entire month of November) change their social media profile picture to Coomer. This challenge became known as the Coomer pledge.

In early November 2019, Rolling Stone published an article claiming Coomer and No Nut November are connected to alt-right, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic places online. Some people online responded to this article with OK coomer, a riff on the then-recently popular OK boomer meme.

Examples of Coomer

If I’m a Coomer for appreciating booty and busting regularly like a healthy adult male should, I’m with it 👌🏾
@someblackg, November 2019
Like most memes, “coomer” carries with it more than a tinge of irony, and it’s not always easy to determine whether it’s being used flippantly or to actually deride men who masturbate.
EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone, November 2019

Who uses Coomer?

Outside of referring to the image and meme, Coomer, often lowercased as coomer, is used online as a general insult for an oversexed young man. The term implies such a person is a sleazy loser, obsessed with masturbating to pornography because he can’t find sexual partners.

OK Coomer may be issued in response to internet content criticizing pornography, male internet spaces, or hateful ideologies. The tone can be mean, humorous, or ironic.

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