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space burger

or spaceburger [speys bur-ger]

What does space burger mean?

Space burger refers to a viral video posted by British YouTuber Killem in March 2019.

To entertain his viewers, Killem sent a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger about 25 miles above Earth—and took a bite when it returned.

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Where does space burger come from?

The voyage of space burger began with a video posted on March 28, 2019 by YouTuber Killem (Tom Stanniland), known for doing outlandish challenges. It was called “I Sent a McDonald’s Big Mac to Space & Ate It (First McDonalds Burger in Space).”

In the video, Killem managed to do just that. He bought a Big Mac, attached it to a weather balloon, and sent it up over 100,000 feet in the air. It was dubbed space burger as a result.

Technically, that distance isn’t considered outer space, which conventionally begins over 300,000 feet (62 miles) above Earth’s surface. But hey, let’s give it to Killem—and welcome back, space burger.

The space burger landed on the grounds of football (soccer) team Colchester United in Essex, England. Killem took a bit, remarking its taste was “not nice.” He then joined the team for an interview, garnered a tweet from McDonald’s UK, and the rest of the story is viral internet history. As of mid-April 2019, Killem’s video was closing in on 1 million views.

Examples of space burger

With all due respect to those at the club we really don’t care that much about the ‘space burger’ and I’d politely ask you stop going on about it and focus on the football #colu
@GRBarnes04, April, 2019

We're wondering if there's even the tiniest chance a bite of the "spaceburger" will give him some kind of superhero like powers? / More likely though, it'll just leave him a bit gassy!

CBBC, March, 2019
Killem / YouTube

Who uses space burger?

The space burger was discussed about on various news outlets, including the BBC, Today Show, The Weather Channel, and LADbible. This helped the space burger go viral, and conversation about it trended on Twitter in late March.

Space burger also seems to have spurned some far-out burger cravings.

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