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this ain’t it, chief

or this ain't it chief [th is eynt it cheef]

What does this ain't it, chief mean?

This ain’t it, chief is a humorous social media phrase used to signal that someone thinks someone else’s statement is utterly wrong or idiotic.

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Where does this ain’t it, chief come from?

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The phrase this ain’t it, chief was rarely used online prior to 2018. In fact, it only showed up once on Twitter before 2014. This ain’t it expresses disagreement. And chief, like boss, is a chummy but patronizing way to address someone.

Then, in late 2017, a Twitter user responded negatively to a tweet simply with this ain’t it chief.

After this tweet, a number of other Twitter users began replying to Tweets they disagreed with using the phrase. By the beginning of 2018, the meme seeds were germinating.

Come summer 2018, this ain’t it, chief flowered into a full meme, spreading to sites like Reddit and earning entry on Urban Dictionary.

Google searches for this ain’t it, chief surged in September 2018 and by October, the phrase was a regular reply on social media.

Examples of this ain’t it, chief

Think about texting her “this ain’t it chief” after not getting a text back
@Sonny5sideUp, September 2018
And it turns out Kanye West can acknowledge when he's goofed up. After the internet collectively shouted "This ain't it, chief" at the rapper, Kanye returned to Twitter to clarify what he meant.
Alex Galbraith, Complex, September 2018
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Who uses this ain’t it, chief?

This ain’t it, chief is used, mainly on social media and for humorous effect, to reply to anything you think is wrong, disagreeable, or just plain stupid.

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