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What does gråtrunka mean?  

Gråtrunka is a Swedish blend word meaning “to cry while masturbating.”

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Where does gråtrunka come from?


The word gråtrunka blends the Swedish word gråta, meaning “to cry” or more colorfully, “weep” or “blubber,” and runka, a vulgar word “to masturbate” along the lines of the English “jack off.” Together, gråtrunka means “to weep while masturbating.”

It’s not clear exactly when the word originated, exactly, but it’s attested as early as March 2009 on the Swedish message board Flashback. In a discussion of favorite words, a user brought up gråtrunka as a variation on prunka, or “masturbating in a pissing stance.”

Gråtrunka is associated with a pathetic, sad kind of sexual frustration. In October 2009, quite the vivid definition of gråtrunka was posted on the Swedish version of Urban Dictionary, Slangopedia: “to sit at home in a state of depression, introversion and anxiety while at the same time jerking off and shivering in their own self-pity.”

Gråtrunka became better known to English speakers when a (possibly Swedish) user posted a definition in March 2010 on Urban Dictionary. This definition notes that one might go gråtrunka when they’ve been rejected by a pretty girl at a party—they go home and masturbate sadly. According to this definition, gråtrunka is often “performed in the shower while listening to music that makes you even more depressed.” Layers upon layers of emotion.

Examples of gråtrunka

Gråtrunka is the Swedish word for crying and masturbating simultaneously. (I actually didn't know there was any other way to masturbate.)
@lettuce_fetish, April 2012
You're masturbating, but you're crying. If you've ever experienced [this] and wondered whether there was a word for it, you're in luck. In Swedish that is called gråtrunka.
Alex Rawlings, From Amourette to Żal, 2018

Who uses gråtrunka?

Gråtrunka is a vulgar but humorous slang word. It’s used by Swedish speakers in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way. It has strong associations with sexual rejection and, more disparagingly, being wimpy in an emo manner.

People who don’t speak Swedish are nonetheless attracted to the novelty of gråtrunka as a single word. They may reference gråtrunka as an example of the ineffable beauty and descriptive power of the Swedish language.

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