Manchurian Candidate And Other Trending Words On

1. Vertigo  was up in searches the week of March 1–7, 2018 by 339%. Here are a couple reasons why:

  • Reader’s Digest did an expose on vertigo in general. Here’s what you need to know, according to them: “What Causes Vertigo? 15 Things Neurologists Wish You Knew”.
  • Digital Trends wrote about some biofeedback headphones that can help people out who have vertigo. So, we have the explanation and the cure . . . what else?
  • Vertigo is a comic publisher who is apparently doing a new series with Neil Gaiman: “The Sandman Universe.”

2. Eggplant and middle finger were equally up in searches this week. Why? Well, Time wrote about our new entries to emoji!

These two were featured in this and other articles about the additions, which is pretty notable since we’re the first dictionary to include emoji with definitions, origin, and usage content. Yes, a little self-promotion here, but come on we never make the Trending Words list! Language . . . it is a’changing.

3. Nor’easter was up a whopping 1050% this week. Poor East Coast. They’re experiencing some crazy storms that are knocking out power for many and covering areas in over two feet of snow. No offense, but we’re pretty happy right now that the dictionary comes to you from sunny California.

4. Chaos trended this week after an especially fun (and scientific?) tweet from Donald Trump:

5. Misogyny was up 298% this week. It was International Women’s Day on March 8th. And, with movements like #metoo and TimesUp this year, it’s pretty clear why women have been bringing this topic to the forefront, especially this week. Some news stories right now surrounding the word include an ex-ESPN reporter who is suing the network, claiming it’s “rife with misogyny.” And, the Catholic church was also accused of being an “empire of misogyny,” specifically by the ex-Irish President (who was a woman! cough, cough US). It’s clearly time for these institutions to step up and address these real, ongoing issues.

6. Manchurian candidate trended this week, up in searches by 1033%. There were a couple newsworthy reasons why . . . see below:


  • Sam Nunberg (former Trump aide) gave some odd interviews this week, but in an interview with CNN specifically he said: “Mueller thinks that Trump is the Manchurian candidate,” he said. “I would tell you, I disagree with that.”

7. Gubernatorial made news this week. Looks like we have another TV star hoping to join the world of politics: Cynthia Nixon. You may remember her from Sex & The City, she was Miranda. CNN reported this week that she is coming close to a gubernatorial challenge in the state of New York. Pretty interesting. Oprah, we know you’re next, right?

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