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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Definitions for choleric

  1. Easily irritated; inclined to anger; bad-tempered.
  2. Angry; indicating or expressing anger; excited by anger.

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Citations for choleric
At his trial, Ferrars argued that he had always been of such choleric disposition that, at times when his blood was up, he knew not right from wrong. Theodore Dalrymple, National Review
But the records of his service show that Jacobsz was also choleric, quick-tempered, and sensitive to any slight; that he sometimes drank to excess. Mike Dash, Batavia's Graveyard
Origin of choleric
Choleric is the adjective form of choler, "yellow bile," from Latin cholera, "a bilious disease," from Greek kholera, from khole, "bile." Choler was supposed by medieval physicians to be the source of irritability.