[ kuhl-tuh-vuh-buhl ]
/ ˈkʌl tə və bəl /
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capable of being cultivated.
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Also cul·ti·vat·a·ble [kuhl-tuh-vey-tuh-buhl]. /ˈkʌl təˌveɪ tə bəl/.

Origin of cultivable

First recorded in 1675–85; cultiv(ate) + -able


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What does cultivable mean?

Cultivable means able to be grown or developed. It is especially applied to crops and land on which crops will be grown.

Cultivable is an adjective form of the verb cultivate. Cultivate can also be used in figurative contexts in which the thing being grown or developed is often an abstract thing, such as a business or a friendship. It’s possible for cultivable to be used in this way, but it is typically used in the context of agriculture.

A variant of cultivable is cultivatable.

Example: Often the goal of crossbreeding crops is to produce a variety that has all the best qualities and is widely cultivable.

Where does cultivable come from?

The first records of the word cultivable come from the late 1600s. It ultimately grew out of the Medieval Latin word cultīvātus, which derives from the Latin verb colere, meaning “to till,” “to toil over,” “to care for,” or “to worship.” Colere is also the basis of the words cult, culture, and agriculture, among many others.

Cultivating the land for crops often first involves tilling (or plowing) it. (A machine that does this is called a cultivator). It also involves planting seeds and then watering them and making sure they are growing properly. To be considered cultivable, the land must have soil that’s capable of supporting crops. For crops to be considered cultivable, they must be capable of growing in that particular environment. For example, many fruits are only cultivable in tropical regions and cannot be cultivated outside in colder climates.

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What are some other forms related to cultivable?

  • cultivate (verb)
  • cultivability (noun)
  • cultivably (adverb)
  • noncultivability (noun)
  • noncultivable (adjective)
  • cultivation (noun)

What are some synonyms for cultivable?

  • cultivatable

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How is cultivable used in real life?

Cultivable is most commonly used in a literal sense in the context of agriculture and crops.



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How to use cultivable in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for cultivable


cultivatable (ˈkʌltɪˌveɪtəbəl)

/ (ˈkʌltɪvəbəl) /

(of land) capable of being cultivated

Derived forms of cultivable

cultivability, noun

Word Origin for cultivable

C17: from French, from Old French cultiver to cultivate
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