[ ev-ree-hwen, -wen ]


  1. all the time; always.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of everywhen1

First recorded in 1655–65; every + when

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Example Sentences

Everywhere and everywhen a man has to 'pay with his life;' to do his work, as a soldier does, at the expense of life.

Everywhen and everywhere the flame of life had found its way through rocks, thrust aside obstacles, subjugated wills.

"This is a mad world, my masters;" "the times are out of joint;" it is all out of joint everywhen and everywhere!

But ill-defined borders have been everywhere and everywhen the fruitful source of strife, destruction, and misery.


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More About Everywhen

What does everywhen mean?

Everywhen is an unusual way to say “always” or “all the time.”

Everywhen is very rarely used. It most commonly appears as part of a phrase like everywhere and everywhen. It is typically used as an adverb, meaning it is used to describe how or when an action is being done.

Example: These values can be applied not just here and now but everywhere and everywhen.

Where does everywhen come from?

The first records of everywhen as a single word come from around the 1840s, but it was used even earlier as a noun phrase (every when). Everywhen is constructed in the same way as the much older word everywhere, which means “in all places.”

Everywhen very frequently appears alongside everywhere, such as in reference to things that are described as occurring in all places and at all times. Such descriptions often deal with religious beliefs or fantastical concepts. For example, the creation stories of the Australian Aborigines are sometimes described as not being confined to the past but instead as applying to the past, present, and future—everywhen.

Everywhen is very rarely used, but it has shades of meaning that are different than always or all the time, so it has the potential to be used more commonly in the future. For now, people often use it because it sounds novel or interesting.

Everywhen should not be confused with whenever, which is usually used to mean “when,” “any time,” or “at any time.”

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What are some synonyms for everywhen?

  • always
  • all the time
  • at all times

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How is everywhen used in real life?

Everywhen is rarely used. When it is used, it is often paired with everywhere to describe something that happens in all locations and at all times. It is especially used in the context of religious concepts or theoretical situations.


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Please call me everywhen you get home.