[ mee-dee-ey-triks ]

noun,plural me·di·a·tri·ces [mee-dee-uh-trahy-seez, -ey-tri-seez], /ˌmi di əˈtraɪ siz, -ˈeɪ trɪˌsiz/, me·di·a·trix·es.
  1. a woman who mediates, especially between parties at variance.

Origin of mediatrix

1425–75; late Middle English <Late Latin mediātrīx, feminine of mediātormediator; see -trix
  • Also me·di·a·tress, me·di·a·trice [mee-dee-ey-tris]. /ˌmi diˈeɪ trɪs/.

usage note For mediatrix

See -ess, -trix.

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How to use mediatrix in a sentence

  • She became the new mediatrix between the sinful human soul and the Father in heaven.

    The Catacombs of Rome | William Henry Withrow
  • She affected to be equally well inclined to both, and even assumed the character of mediatrix.

    Discipline | Mary Brunton
  • Then he gives us learned dissertations on Her whom he calls the Treasure-house of all good, the mediatrix of love and impetration.

    En Route | J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans
  • He committed the extreme error of selecting mademoiselle Guimard as mediatrix between himself and me.

    Memoirs of the Comtesse du Barry | Etienne Leon Lamothe-Langon
  • These unions gave to the princess the office of mediatrix; in Beowulf she is called Freothowebbe, "the peace-weaver."

    Early Double Monasteries | Constance Stoney