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[ noo-kuhm-er, nyoo- ]


  1. a person or thing that has recently arrived; new arrival:

    She is a newcomer to our city. The firm is a newcomer in the field of advertising.

    Synonyms: outlander, outsider, stranger


/ ˈnjuːˌkʌmə /


  1. a person who has recently arrived or started to participate in something

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Word History and Origins

Origin of newcomer1

First recorded in 1585–95; new + comer

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Example Sentences

They’re placing gigantic expectations on newcomers Tesla, Nvidia, Netflix, Adobe, and PayPal, not to mention Amazon, a gang of five that’s selling at 114 times earnings.

From Fortune

He’s made more than 60 jumps, although the vast majority of those have been for practice—he’s a relative newcomer to the field.

Challenged by conservative media newcomers in the space, Fox upped the investment into its digital offerings and later launched a paid streaming service for diehard fans.

From Digiday

Beds have been a particular issue, since migrant shelters in Tijuana have effectively closed their doors to newcomers, Jozef noted.

On the other hand, the Romans were considered as relative newcomers to the Mediterranean sphere of influence.

But more and more often, the HBO newcomer looks, sounds, and feels like real news.

And not just regarding complete newcomer to the art world—you might ask Julian Schnabel about that.

Soso, played by newcomer Kimiko Glenn, is a hippie in the worst sense of the word.

Their hope was to rattle the newcomer, but the incident just embarrassed the incumbent.

Will a sage coach like John Calipari be able to outwit a relative newcomer in Kevin Ollie, he of a mere two seasons on the job?

Bidding a young bank manager take charge of the detachment, Frank led the newcomer rapidly to headquarters.

Despite the arrogant manner of his address, Garnache felt prepossessed in the newcomer's favour.

A low, fierce cry of delight came from the queen; she held out a pair of hands that trembled to the newcomer.

As each newcomer came forward, the man who arrived immediately before him called out: "I'm last."

Henri David, for that was the name of the newcomer, was a tall, slender man about thirty-five years of age.


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More About Newcomer

What does newcomer mean?

A newcomer is a person who has recently arrived at a location or a person or thing that has recently joined a new environment, such as an occupation, workplace, field, or organization.

A person who’s just moved to a new city could be described as a newcomer. The term could also be used to refer to a new player on a team, a new student at school, a new employee at work, or a nation that has just joined an international organization. A company that has just been established could be described as a newcomer in its industry or sector.

Example: It’s the kind of gym where longtime members take bets on how long newcomers will last.

Where does newcomer come from?

The first records of newcomer come from the 1400s. It’s simply a combination of the adjective new and the noun comer, which is also used in the word latecomer (someone who arrives late) and in phrases like take on all comers (meaning “to take on anyone who shows up”).

Newcomer is typically applied to a person who has just arrived or is new on the scene. Though the term newcomer itself is typically used in a neutral way, newcomers often get labelled in other ways that make them stand out or imply a lack of experience. A student who’s a newcomer to a school might be called the new guy, the new girl, or the new kid. A new employee might be called a newbie. A newcomer to a club or hobby might be called a novice or a beginner. Be nice to newcomers. You’ve probably been one yourself at least once.

The word isn’t only applied to individuals. Groups, businesses, and even nations can be newcomers when joining a new organization, field, or some other environment. Even things and concepts can be described as newcomers, as in Despite its global impact, the Internet is still a relative newcomer in the history of technology.

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How is newcomer used in real life?

Newcomer is usually used in a relatively neutral way, whereas a word like newbie is sometimes used in a mildly negative way to point out someone’s inexperience.



Try using newcomer!

Which of the following people could be described as a newcomer?

A. a senator who just took office
B. a math teacher in their first year of teaching
C. a veteran player who just joined a new team
D. all of the above




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