[ kwawr-ter-bak ]
/ ˈkwɔr tərˌbæk /


a back in football who usually lines up immediately behind the center and directs the offense of the team.
the position played by this back.
a person who leads or directs a group or activity.

verb (used with object)

to direct the offense of (a team).
to lead or direct: to quarterback a public-relations campaign.

verb (used without object)

to play the position of quarterback.

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Origin of quarterback

An Americanism dating back to 1875–80; quarter + back1

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/ (ˈkwɔːtəˌbæk) /

noun US and Canadian

a player in American or Canadian football, positioned usually behind the centre, who directs attacking play
Monday-morning quarterbacking wisdom after the event, esp by spectators
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in U.S. football, 1876, from quarter (n.) + back (n.); so called from his position on the field at the start of play, between the halfback and the center. As a verb from 1945. Figurative sense from 1952. Monday morning quarterback is 1932 (n.), 1972 (v.); originally pro football player slang for sportswriters (U.S. professional football games typically are played on Sundays).

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