[ seem-lis ]
/ ˈsim lɪs /
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having no seams: seamless stockings.
smoothly continuous or uniform in quality; combined in an inconspicuous way: a seamless blend of art and entertainment.
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Origin of seamless

First recorded in 1475–85; seam + -less


seam·less·ly, adverbseam·less·ness, noun
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What does seamless mean?

Seamless describes a garment or something similar as having no seams.

A seam is a line of stitches that join two pieces of cloth, leather, or the like, such as you might see at the bottom of a pant leg. A garment without seams, such as a pair of stockings, is seamless.

Figuratively, something that is seamless is smooth or continuous, such as a conversation that flows back and forth between people with no one talking over others. A transition from one school to another in which you don’t encounter any problems and immediately feel comfortable at the new school could be described as a seamless transition.

Example: The transition from scene to scene was seamless.

Where does seamless come from?

The first records of the term seamless come from the late 1400s. It combines the term seam, meaning “the line formed by sewing together cloth,” and the suffix less, meaning “without.”

Seamless is usually used to describe clothing or other fabric works, such as curtains or rugs. Oftentimes there is a seam found where two pieces of cloth were sown together to create the item, such as shirts and dresses. When one of these items is seamless, it is often seen as being of higher quality.

In the figurative sense, seamless is used in several contexts. In film and other visual media, the cuts between shots can often be jumpy. So when the transition between shots is described as seamless, it is a compliment to the editing team. It can be used to describe a combination or crossover, as in The seamless transition from comedy to drama is why his acting chops are so well revered.

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How is seamless used in real life?

When someone describes something as seamless, it’s usually a positive thing.



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A garment that is seamless has visible lines of sewing on it.

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British Dictionary definitions for seamless

/ (ˈsiːmlɪs) /

(of a garment) having no seams
continuous or flowingseamless output; a seamless performance
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