A Long List of Affixes: Suffixes, Prefixes, and Combining Forms


-able, -ible, -ile:  (form adjs) able to, fit to, worthy, capable; apt to; subject to being ~-ed
-ac:  one affect with
-ac, -al, -ane, -ar, -ary, -ch, -ese, -ic, -ical, -id, -ile, -ine, -ish, -ory:  like, of, pertaining to; characterized by
-aceae:  families of plants
-aceous, -ous:  resemblance to a substance; full of
-acy, -age, -ance, -ancy, -asm, -dom, -ence, -ency, -hood, -ism, -ity, -ment, -mony, -ness, -ry, -ship, -th, -tude, -ty, -ure, -y:  (form nouns) state, condition, quality of being; result
-acy, -ate, -dom, -ric, -ship:  (form nouns) rank, office, jurisdiction, dominion
-ade:  product; action
-age:  place of; house
-age:  rate of; charge
-age, -ion, -sion, -tion, -ment, -ure:  (form nouns) act of; thing done, process
-age, -ry:  (form nouns) persons or things collectively; measure of; collection of
-al:  action or result of; process
-algia:  pain
-an, -ant, -ar, -ard, -art, -ary, -aster, -ate, -ean, -ee, -eer, -ent, -er, -ic, -iff, -ist, -ite, -ive, -or, -ster, -yte:  (form nouns) one who acts, one who is
-an, -ean, -ian:  adherent to; citizen of; language of; relating to, characteristic of
-ana, -iana:  collection
-ance, -ancy:  state, quality of being; action, process; degree
-androus:  man
-ant, -ent:  (form adjs) being, belonging to; performing
-archy:  government
-ary:  related, connected to
-ary, -ery, -ory, -ry:  (form nouns) place where, place which
-ary, -ice, -ment, -mony, -ory:  (form nouns) thing which
-ate:  salt, ester for acid (substitute for -ic)
-ate, -en, -fy, -ish, -ise, -ize:  (form verbs) to make; to put; to take; cause
-ate, -ful, -lent, -ose, -ous, -some, -y:  (form adjs) full of, abundant; having
-ation:  process, action; state of
-ative:  related, connected to; tending
-biosis:  life
-blast:  bud, germ, cell
-carpous:  fruit
-cele:  hollow, tumor
-celli, -cello:  little
-cephalic, -cephalous:  head
-chrome:  color, colored
-cide, -cidal:  kill, killing
-cle, -cule, -el, -en, -et, -ie, -kin, -le, -let, -ling, -ock, -ot, -ule, -y:  (form nouns) little, diminutive
-coccus:  berry-shaped
-coele, -coel:  cavity
-cracy/-ocracy, -crat/-ocrat:  government, rule; ruler
-dendron:  tree
-derm, -derma, -dermo:  skin, covering
-dom:  domain, office, jurisdiction
-drome:  large place; racing place
-dromous:  running
-eae:  names of sub-orders in botany
-ed:  (form adjs from nouns) having
-ed:  past, past participle of regular verbs
-ee:  one who is object of the verb
-ee:  small kind of ~; something suggestive of a ~
-eer:  one skilled, engaged in
-emia, -aemia, -hemia, -haemia:  blood
-en (form verbs) to cause to, to become, to make
-en:  (form adjs) made of; belonging to
-en:  plural form of some nouns
-en, -n, -ne:  past participle of some irregular verbs
-ene:  belonging to; carbon
-er:  a little; often
-er:  comparative form of adjective
-er:  having as characteristic
-er:  the thing contained; inhabitant of, native
-er, -or:  producer, agent; one that is
-erel:  little
-erly, -ward, -wards:  (form adverbs) direction
-ern:  (form adjs) direction
-ery, -ry:  condition or behavior of; location of; aggregate
-escent (adjs), -escence (nouns):  growing, becoming; incipient state, beginning
-escent:  reflecting light
-ese:  member, native, style, language of
-ese:  originating in ~
-esque:  (form adjs) belonging to; like, having the properties, manner of
-ess:  noun of female sex
-est:  superlative form of adjective; second person singular present of some irregular verbs
-eth:  third person singular of some irregular verbs
-ette:  compact; imitation; feminine
-fid:  split
-fuge, fugal:  making flee, run away from
-ful:  holding all it can, full of; amount that fills
-ful:  providing ~; characterized by; tending to
-gamy:  marriage; possession
-gen, -genous, -geny, -gony:  bearing, producing, giving birth; producer
-gnomy, -gnosis:  knowledge
-gon:  angled
-gonium:  seed
-grade:  walking
-gram, -graph, -graphy:  writing; record
-hedral, -hedron:  side, many-sided
-hood:  period of a condition, state; membership
-ia:  things belonging to; territory
-ia, -iasis:  disease
-ia, -ious:  class, order or genus of plants and animals
-iatrics, -iatry:  medical treatment
-ic:  acid containing most oxygen
-ic:  having the properties of, related, in the manner of; using ~; affected with ~
-ic:  one having the nature of; producer
-ics, -ism, -ry, -ure:  thing relating to a system, practice, art, science; pecularity, characteristic(s)
-idae, -adae, -ides:  descendent
-ide, -ides (plural):  chemical combination
-idean, -ides, -eides, -oides:  (preceded by `o’) resemblance, likeness to
-ify, -fy:  (form verbs) to make ~; make similar to
-ine:  chemical compound
-ine:  female
-ine:  made of
-ing:  imperative ending of regular verbs
-ing:  something made of such material; activity, process; noun referring to verb
-ior:  more
-ique:  belonging to
-ish:  person of, language of
-ish, -like, -ly:  (form adjs) somewhat like, becoming; relating to
-isk:  little
-ism:  practice of; doctrine of, theory; act, process; state, condition
-ist:  skilled in, specialist; practicing ~, believer
-ite:  acid (-ous) combination
-ite:  body part
-ite:  one who; adherent, member, inhabitant; that which; product
-ite:  stone, mineral
-itious:  having the characteristic of
-itis:  inflammation of an organ, disease; excessive enthusiasm
-ity:  state, condition, quality of being; degree
-ive:  able to do, capable; doing, tending
-ix:  female
-ization:  action, result of making ~
-ize, -ise:  (form verbs) to make ~, to subject to ~; cause to be, be like; become, adopt manner
-kin:  little; son of
-kind:  kind; race
-kinesis:  division; movement
-le:  often (verb), little (noun)
-lepsy:  seizure, fit
-less:  without, deprived; unable
-let:  small, unimportant; thing worn on ~
-like:  like, resembling
-ling:  minor, offspring, one having quality of ~
-lite, -lith:  stone, mineral
-logy:  science of, study of, theory; list
-ly:  in a manner of, having the qualities of, like; to a degree
-ly:  recurring regularly
-lysis, -lyte:  dissolving; disintegration
-machy:  battle, fight
-mancy, -mantic:  foretelling
-mania, -maniac:  craving
-mere, -merous:  part
-meter, -metry:  measure; instrument
-morphic, -morphous:  shape
-most:  superlative form of adjective
-mycete:  fungus
-nomy:  science of, law of
-odont:  tooth of ~ nature
-odynia:  pain
-oecium, -oecious:  flowers’ stamens and pistils in botany
-oid:  like, resembling
-oid:  likeness, resemblance
-oma:  tumor
-on:  unit, particle
-on, -one, -oon:  (form nouns) large
-opia:  eye, sight condition
-opsia:  sight
-opsis:  appearance; thing resembling ~
-ous:  acid compound with less oxygen (than -ic)
-ous, -ious:  having the properties of; full of
-pathy:  suffering, disease; type of medical treatment
-pennale:  wing
-phage, -phagous, -phagia, -phagy:  eating, eater
-phany:  manifestation
-phobe:  one fearing ~
-phobia:  fear of ~
-phobic:  fearing; lacing affinity for
-phone, -phony:  sound, transmitting sound
-phonia:  speech disorder
-phyllous:  leafed, leaflike
-phyte:  plant; diseased growth
-plasia, -plasy, -plasis:  growth, formation
-plasm:  formed matter
-plast:  cell
-plegia:  paralysis
-plerous:  wing
-red:  state, condition; those who
-rrhagia, -rrhagic, -rrhea:  flow
-saur:  lizard
-scope, -scopy:  observation; observing instrument
-se:  to make
-sect, -section:  cut, divide; divided
-ship:  state or condition of; rank, position; skill; group participating in ~
-soma, -some:  body
-sophy:  wisdom, knowledge
-sperm, -spermous:  seed
-ster:  one who is involved in; one that is ~
-stichous:  row
-stome, -stomous:  mouth
-stress:  female
-taxis, -taxy:  order
-teen:  ten, to be added to
-th:  state, condition; act, process
-tomy:  cutting; section
-trophy:  feed, nutrition
-tropic:  changing; attracted to ~
-tropous, -tropy:  turning, turned, curving
-ty:  quality, degree; condition
-ty:  ten, to be multiplied by
-vorous:  eating
-ward, -wards:  in the direction of
-ways, -wise:  in the manner of, in the direction of; way of being or acting
-y:  somewhat like, rather, characterized by, tending
-y:  state, condition; activity; group
-y, -ey:  full of

Prefixes and Combining Forms

a-, ab-, abs-:  from, away from
a-, an-:  at, in, on; in such a manner, state, or condition
a-, an-:  not, without, lacking
ac-, ad-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, as-, at-:  to, toward, near
acanth-, acantho-:  spiny, thorny
acous-:  hearing
acr-, acro-:  top; extremity, end
aden-, adeno-:  gland
adren-, adreno-:  adrenal gland
aer-, aero-:  air, gas
all-, allo-:  other, different
alti-, alto-:  high
am-, amb-, ambi-, amphi-:  both, both sides; round; about
amyl-, amylo-:  starch
ana-:  again; thorough, thoroughly
ana-, an-:  up, upward; back, backward
andr-, andro-:  man; male
anem-, anemo-:  wind
ant-, ante-:  before, prior, earlier; in front of
anthrop-, anthropo-:  man
anti-, ant-, anth-:  against, opposite; combating, defending
api-:  bee
apo-, ap-:   away; from; related
aqui-, aqua-:  water
arbor-, arbori-:  tree
arch-, archi-:   chief, principal, supreme; extreme
arche-, archeo-, archae-, archaeo-:  old, ancient
arteri-, arterio-:  artery
arthr-, arthro-:  joint
astr-, astro-, aster-:  star
atmo-:  vapor
audio-:  hearing, sound
auto-:  self-moving
avi-:  bird
az-, azo-:  nitrogenous
bacci-:  berry
bacteri-, bacterio-:  bacteria
bar-, baro-:  weight, pressure
bath-, batho-, bathy-:  deep, depth
be-:   to make, cause; to take from
be-:  on, over; against, across; thoroughly, excessively
bi-, bio-:  life, living
bi-, bis-:  twice, two, double, in two
biblio-:  book
blephar-, blepharo-:  eyelid, eyelash
bracchio-:  arm
brachy-:  short
brevi-:  short
bronch-, broncho-, bronchi-, bronchio-:  throat, lung
caco-:  evil
calci-:  lime
cardio-:  heart
carpo-:  fruit
cat-, cata-, cath-, cato-:  down, downward, under; against; completeness, thorough, thoroughly
cen-, ceno-:  new, recent
centi-:  hundred
cephal-, cephalo-:  head
cerebro-:  brain
cervic-, cervico-, cervici-:  neck
chiro-:  hand
chlor-, chloro-:  green
chol-, chole-, cholo-:  bile
chondr-, chondri-, chondro-:  cartilage
choreo-:  dance
choro-:  country
chrom-, chromo-, chromato-:  color, colored
chron-, chrono-:  time
chrys-, chryso-:  gold
circum-, circu-:  around, about
cirr-, cirri-, cirro-:  curl
cis-:   on this side; near
cleisto-:  closed
con-, co-, cog-, col-, com-, cor-:  together, with; thorough, thoroughly
contra-:   against, in opposition, contrasting, contrary
cosmo-:  universe
counter-:  against, in opposition; substitute
cranio-:  skull
cruci-:  cross
cry-, cryo-:  cold
crypt-, crypto-:  hidden
cupro-:  copper; bronze
cyst-, cysti-, cysto-:  bladder, sac
cyt-, cyto-:  cell
dactyl-, dactylo-:  finger, toe
de-:  down, from, separation; not; reverse; remove; get of; derived
deca-, deci-, dec-, deka-, dek-:  ten
demi-:  half, part of
dent-, denti-, dento-:  tooth
dentro-:  three
derm-, derma- dermo-:  skin
deut-, deuto-, deutero-:  second
dextr-, dextro-:  right side
di-:  two
dia-, di-:  through, across
digit-, digiti-:  finger
dipl-, diplo-:  double, twofold
dis-:  exclude, remove; do opposite
dis-, dif-, di-:  not, opposite; apart; two
dodeca-, dodec-:  twelve
dors-, dorsi-, dorso-:  back of body
dyna-, dynamo-:  force, power
dys-, dis-:  badly, difficult, hard; evil; abnormal
echin-, echino-:  spine
ect-, ecto-:  outside, external
ef-, e-, ec-:  out, not, absent
el-, em-, en-:  in, into, on, within
en-, em-:   cause to be, to make; to surround, cover
encephal-, encephalo-:  brain
end-, endo-:  inside, within
ennea-:  nine
ent-, ento-:  inside, within
enter-, entero-:  intestine
entomo-:  insect
eo-:  early, old
epi-, ep-:  on, upon, beside, above; out, on the outside; during
equi-:  equal, alike
erg-, ergo-:  work
erythr-, erythro-:  red
ethno-:  race, nation
eu-:  good, well; true
ex-, exo-:  from; out, out of, outside, external; without; former
extra-:  on the outside, external; beyond, in excess, additional, exceptionally
febri-:  fever
ferri-, ferro-:  iron
fibr-, fibro-:  threadlike, fibrous
fissi-:  split
fluvio-:  river
for-:  not; against, forth; away; prohibitive
fore-:  before, early; in front of, front part of
gain-:  against
galact-, galacto-:  milk
gam-, gamo-:  together; copulation
gastr-, gastro-, gastri-:  stomach, eating
ge-, geo-:  earth, land
gem-, gemmi-:  bud
geront-, geronto-:  old age
gloss-, glosso-:  tongue; language
gluc-, gluco-, glyc-:  sweet
glypto-, glyph-:  carving
gon-, gono-:  reproduction
grapho-:  writing
gymn-, gymno-:  naked
gynec-, gyneco-, gynaec-, gynaeco-:  woman
hagi-, hagio-:  holy
hal-, halo-:  salt, sea
hapl-, haplo-:  simple, single
hect-, hecto-:  hundred
heli-, helio-:  sun
helic-, helico-:  spiral
hem-, hemo-, haem-, haemo-, haemato-, hema-:  blood
hemi-:  half
hepat-, hepato-:  liver
hepta-, hept-:  seven
hetero-, heter-:  different, opposite, irregular, abnormal; another
hexa-, hex-:  six
hist-, histo-:  tissue
hodo-:  path, way
hol-, holo-:  whole, complete, total
hom-, homo-, homeo-:  similar, same, alike
hydr-, hydro-:  water, liquid
hyet-, hyeto-:  rain
hygr-, hygro-:  wet
hyl-, hylo-:  matter
hymeno-:  membrane
hyp-, hypo-:  under, beneath; deficient, less than
hyper-:  above, over, beyond, extreme; beyond 3 dimensions
hypn-, hypno-:  sleep
hypso-:  high
hyster-, hystero-:  womb; hysteria
iatro-:  medicine
ichthy-, ichthyo-:  fish
igni-:  fire
ile-, ileo-:  end of small intestine
ilio-:  upper hip bone, flank
in-, ig-, il-, im-, ir-:  (form adjs) not, opposite
in-, il-, im-, ir-:  (form nouns, verbs) in, into; on
infra-:  under, beneath; within
inter-:  between; among, in the midst
intra-:  within, interior, between; on the outside; during
intro-:  within; into, in
is-, iso-:  equal, uniform; equality, similarity
juxta-:  close to, near to, beside
kerat-, kerato-:  cornea
kinesi-, kineto-:  movement
labio-:  lip
lact-, lacti-, lacto-:  milk
laryng-, laryngo-:  larynx, voice box
lepto-:  slender
leuk-, leuko-, leuc- leuco-:  white
lign-, ligni-, ligno-:  wood
litho-:  stone
log-, logo-:  word, oral
luni-:  moon
lyo-, lysi-:  dissolving, dispersed
macr-, macro-:  large; long
magni-:  great
mal-, male-:  bad, badly; ill; evil; abnormal, inadequate
malac-, malaco-:  soft
mega-, megalo-, meg-:  great, large; million
melan-, melano-:  black, dark
mero-:  part
mes-, meso-:  middle, intermediate
meta-, met-:  beyond; after; over; changed/transfered/substituted
metr-:  measure
metr-, metro-:  uterus
micr-, micro-:  very small
mid-:  middle, mean
mini-:  very small, short
mis-:  degrading, less, lack of; ill
mis-:  divergence; defect; error, wrong, badly
mis-, miso-:  hatred
mon-, mono-:  one, alone, solitary, single
morph-, morpho-:  shape, form
multi-, mult-:  many, much
my-, myo-:  muscle
myc-, myco-:  fungus
myel-, myelo-:  spinal cord, marrow
naso-:  nose
nati-:  birth
ne-, n-:  no, not
ne-, neo-:  new, recent; revived
necr-, necro-:  dead body
nepho-:  cloud
nephr-, nephro-:  kidney
neur-, neuro-:  nerve
nocti-:  night
non-:  not; reverse; unimportant, lacking
noso-:  sickness
not-, noto-:  back of body
nycto-:  night
ob-, oc-, of-, o-, op-:  in the way of; against; out, inverse
octa-, octo-, oct-:  eight
ocul-, oculo-:  eye
odont-, odonto-:  tooth
of-, op-:  against
oleo-:  oil
olig-, oligo-:  few
ombro-:  rain
omni-:  all
oneiro-:  dream
ont-, onto-:  being, organism
oo-, o-:  egg
ophthalm-, ophthalmo-:  eye
ornith-, ornitho-:  bird
oro-:  mouth
orth-, ortho-:  straight
oste-, osteo-, ossi-:  bone
oto-:  ear
out-:  behond, exceeding, surpassing; above
ov-, ovi-, ovo-:  egg
over-:  above, beyond, too much, excessive
oxy-:  sharp; oxygen
pachy-:  thick
pale-, paleo-, palae-, palaeo-:  ancient, old
pan-, panto-:  all, everything, group, whole; worldwide
para-, par-:  close, beside; like, alike
para-, par-:  unlike, contrary; abnormal, faulty
pari-:  equal
path-, patho-:  suffering, disease
ped-, pedo-:  child
penta-, pente-, pent-:  five
per-, pel-:  through; thoroughly; by; for
peri-:  round; about, enclosing
petr-, petri-, petro-:  stone; petroleum
phago-:  eating
phleb-, phlebo-:  vein
phon-, phono-:  sound, speech
phot-, photo-:  light; photograph
phren-, phreno-:  brain; diaphragm
phyll-, phyllo-:  leaf
phylo-:  species, organism
picr-, picro-:  bitter
piezo-:  pressure
pisci-:  fish
plan-, plano-:  flat; moving
pleur-, pleuro-:  side of body, lateral
pluto-:  wealth
pluvio-:  rain
pneum-, pneumo-:  respiration, lungs; air, gas
pneumat-, pneumato-:  breath, vapor
poly-:  many; excessive
post-:  after, afterwards; behind, following, later
pre-, prae-:  before, earlier, in advance, preparatory; priority
preter-:  beyond, more than
primi-, prim-:  first
pro-:  favoring; taking the place of
pro-, por-, pur-:  for, on the side of; front, forward, forth; before, earlier
pros-:  to, towards, near; in front of
prot-, proto-:  first, original; lowest
pseud-, pseudo-:  false, spurious
psycho-, psycho-:  mental; mind, spirit, soul
ptero-:  wing
pulmo-:  lung
pyo-:  pus
pyr-, pyro-:  fire, heat
quadri-, quadr-, quadru-:  four
quinque-:  five
re-:  again, back; anew, a second time
recti-:  straight
reni-, reno-:  kidney
retro-:  backward, back
rheo-:  flow
rhin-, rhino-:  nose
rhiz-, rhizo-:  root
sacchar-, sacchari-, sacchro-:  sugar
sacr-, sacro-:  pelvic; above tailbone
sangui-:  blood
sapr-, sapro-:  dead, rotten; decaying
sarc-, sarco-:  flesh, muscle
scelero-:  hard
schisto-, shiz-, schizo-:  split
se-:  aside, apart; separating
seba-, sebo-:  fatty
selen-, seleno-:  moon
semi-:  half; in part, incomplete
septi-:  seven
sero-:  serum, blood
sex-, sexi-:  six
sider-, sidero-:  star; iron
sine-:  without
somat-, somato-:  body
somn-:  sleep
sperm-, spermo-, sperma-, spermi-, spermat-, spermato-:  seed
spiro-:  breath
stato-:  resting position, equilibrium
stauro-:  cross
stell-:  star
sten-, steno-:  short, narrow, close
stere-, stereo-:  solid; multi-dimensional
stom-, stomo-:  mouth
styl-, styli-, stylo-:  style
styl-, stylo-:  pillar
sub-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sus-:  under; below, beneath; less, nearly, almost; secondary
subter-:  beneath; under
super-, supra-, sur-:  above, over, higher, in excess; very special, superior
syn-, sy-, syl-, sym-:  with, together, at the same time
tachy-:  rapid
taut-, tauto-:  same
tele-, tel-, telo-:  distant; electronic communication
teleo-:  final, purpose
terra-:  land, earth
the-, theo-:  god
therm-, thermo-:  heat
thromb-, thrombo-:  blood clot
topo-:  place, point
tox-, toxi-, toxo-:  poison
trache-, tracheo-:  windpipe
trans-, tra-:  through; across, over, beyond, on the far side; from one place to another; change
tri-, tris-:  three
ultra-:  beyond; on the other side; extreme
un-:  do opposite, reverse; release, remove
un-:  not; the opposite of
undec-:  eleven
under-:  lower, beneath; too little
uni-:  one, single
up-:  aloft, on high, upwards
uter-, utero-:  uterus, womb
vari-, vario-:  different, diverse
vas-, vaso-:  blood vessel
ventr-, ventro-:  abdominal, belly
vice-:  assisting, substituting, deputy
with-:  from, opposing
xen-, xeno-:  foreign, strange
zo-, zoo-:  living, animal
zyg-, zygo-:  double, pair, union; egg yolk
zym-, zymo-:  enzyme, fermentation

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