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🩸 Drop of Blood emoji

[ drop uhv bluhd ih-moh-jee ]

What does🩸Drop of Blood emoji mean?

Depicting a droplet of falling blood, the Drop of Blood emoji🩸can represent all things blood-related, including bleeding from injury, blood tests and donations, and menstruation.

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Where does 🩸 Drop of Blood emoji come from?

In many countries and cultures around the world, menstruation—getting your period—is shamed. To help reduce this stigma, the children’s rights nonprofit Plan International UK advocated for what they called a #periodemoji in 2017–19.

They started a petition, asking supporters to vote for their favorite design for a period emoji. A design showing underwear with a blood droplet won, but wasn’t accepted by the Unicode Consortium, which approves and standardizes emoji.

So, Plan International UK came up with a plan B. They partnered with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) Blood and Transplant services to develop a Drop of Blood emoji🩸instead. That way, the emoji could be broader, representing menstruation, blood transfers, and other blood-related topics.

Unicode approved this proposal, which was added under Emoji 12.0 in 2019. The Drop of Blood emoji🩸shows a red drop of blood, like a red water drop. On unsupported platforms, the emoji displays as an empty box.

While feeling it is a step forward, some think the Drop of Blood emoji🩸is still insufficient for representing menstruation.

WATCH: The Story Behind The Blood Drop Emoji

Examples of 🩸 Drop of Blood emoji

Unicode / Plan International UK / NPR
Friendly reminder to donate blood Drop of blood especially if you're O- like me Smiling face with smiling eyes  
@DanaFultonWX, September 20, 2019
New drugs that make human blood deadly to mosquitoes could be available within two years Drop of bloodPill Mosquito #endmalaria
@malarianomoreuk, September 13, 2019

Who uses 🩸 Drop of Blood emoji?

The Drop of Blood emoji🩸can be used for various content concerning blood, including bleeding from an injury, blood tests and donations, menstruation, and heath and medicine more generally.

Other blood-related applications for the Drop of Blood emoji🩸include gore in horror and metaphorical senses of blood, as in blood on one’s hands.

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