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Valentine’s Day emoji

or heart with arrow emoji or bouquet emoji or chocolate bar emoji or love letter emoji or red heart emoji [val-uh n-tahyns dey ih-moh-jee]

What does Valentine’s Day emoji mean?

There’s no single emoji called Valentine’s Day emoji, but there are several that are used on the holiday and get called Valentine's Day emoji, including ones depicting hearts, flowers, gestures like kisses and hand-holding, and chocolate. 

Ew ... what about 🤮?

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Where does Valentine’s Day emoji come from?

Valentines Day emoji

First off, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. February 14th has been observed in forms in the the West as a celebration of love and an opportunity to exchange tokens of affection since at least the fifth century CE, when the Pope Gelasius I deemed the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia to be too sexy and gory, replacing it with a much more tame, wholesome holiday.

Today, Valentine’s Day is generally known as a day to exchange cute cards, love letters, jewelry, and candy (gifts known as valentines, which started being exchanged around the 1400–1500s).

Despite both widespread popularity (and hatred), there hasn’t ever been Valentine’s Day-specific emoji to date. This is probably because what could be a Valentine’s Day emoji also works for expressions of love year-round. The bouquet 💐, chocolate bar 🍫, love letter 💌, or red heart ❤ emoji work well on Valentine’s Day, but also on anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, and “just-because” moments. Try doing similar things with the jack-o’-lantern 🎃 or Santa Claus 🎅  emoji, which are associated with Halloween and Christmas. Perhaps, the emoji most distinctive to Valentine’s Day, though, is heart with arrow 💘, which makes everyone think of the holiday’s icon, Cupid. 

It’s worth noting that the term Valentine’s Day emoji sees regular bursts of search interest in February every year since 2012—when, you know, people wonder if there’s a specific emoji they should be using for it. Interestingly, each year’s search interest has been higher year after year. Use some creativity people!

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Examples of Valentine’s Day emoji

the official Valentine’s Day emoji of sad single girls nationwide: 🥀
@ravijayanath, February, 2018
My girlfriend is far too fertile to be near a Jean-Claude Van Damme Valentine's Day emoji.
@Seanbabydotcom, February, 2017
If anyone wants to send me a Valentine’s Day emoji or something like that tomorrow morning please feel free to do it so I don’t feel completely left out tomorrow.
@martynlawrence2, February, 2018

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Who uses Valentine’s Day emoji?

If you ever hear or see someone discussing the Valentine’s Day emoji, they’re most likely talking about emoji that could potentially be related to Valentine’s Day.

Want to play up the love aspect of Valentine’s Day? There are over 25 emoji that are heart-shaped or depict hearts, including heart with arrow 💘, sparkling heart 💖, beating heart 💓, and smiling face with heart eyes 😍.

Focusing more on the gifting aspect of the holiday? There’s love letter 💌, bouquet 💐, ring 💍, chocolate bar 🍫, and even a love hotel 🏩 (for a quickie, apparently).

Celebrating coupledom or lovey-dovey times with your partner? Whether you’re holding hands 👬, kissing 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩, or just hanging out with feelings 💑 (couple with heart), there’s an emoji for that.

And oh, what’s that? You call Valentine’s Day “Singles Awareness Day”? Broken heart 💔 and wilted heart 🥀 emoji are here for you.

Alternatively, Valentine’s Day emoji can also refer to Twitter’s event-specific emoji, which are activated by certain hashtags and specially added into the text of a tweet during a set period of time, usually during holidays, sporting events, or major pop culture and political moments. Twitter has released limited-time, hashtag-activated emoji-like images for Valentine’s Day every year since 2017, including #LoveHappens:

Plenty of third-party providers have released Valentine’s Day sticker packs to be used in text messages around the holiday. Some people call these Valentine’s Day emoji because they look like emoji and because companies market them as such. 

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