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What does juxera mean?

Juxera is a gender identity created on Tumblr. It can be described as being feminine but not a female, like a girl but not a girl.

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Where does juxera come from?

Juxera is a gender identity created by Tumblr user wulfgendur in 2016. In their post, wulfgendur defines the term as “a gender relative to female, but is something separate and entirely on it’s [sic] own.” The term itself is composed up of the Latin juxta (“near)” and era (“lady”).

Juxera flag / wulfgender

Those who identify as juxera consider themselves to have feminine characteristics but with aspects of maleness or of another nonbinary identity.

Wulfgender created juxera was created alongside the male equivalent, proxvir, based on Latin words for “next to man” and a gender identity of being masculine but not a male.

Juxera is defined in several community-run gender wikis, and discussion about this gender identity happens primarily on Tumblr.

Examples of juxera

This person's profile says "demi-amphiromantic nycto-pansexual juxera demigirl" and I only know what two of those words vaguely mean help.
@gpike_, December 2015
First of all, juxera is 100% a "real gender". Although its meaning is very similar to demigirl - you may want to consider the demigirl label for yourself. The difference is that the "demi" genders imply that they are only partly a girl/boy, whereas juxera was coined to show that it's a whole gender. / Another label you might want to look into is bigender - female and agender in your case, from the sound of it.
Celyn (user), AVEN Forums, August 2018  

Who uses juxera?

People discuss juxera and other nonbinary identities on such places as Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and Asexual Visibility and Education Network. As gender is fluid, some people who currently identify as juxera might not always identify as such.

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