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[ noh-voh-sek-shoo-uhl ]

What does novosexual mean?

When a person is novosexual, their sexual orientation changes as they experience a change in their gender identity. Both their sexual orientation and gender identity are fluid together. For example, a novosexual person may identify as a gay when they are a man but pansexual when they are nonbinary.

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Where does novosexual come from?

Some people experience a fluid gender identity, which is commonly known as being gender-fluid. Others experience a fluid sexual orientation, which has been named abrosexual. Some people experience both. Their sexuality orientation and gender identity are not fixed and they change together.

A term for this is novosexual. The novo– in novosexual is based on the Latin word for new. (Words like novel and innovation also come from this root.) The idea is that a novosexual person is variously experiencing new sexual and gender identities. The word novosexual can be found online since at least 2014.

Examples of novosexual

I'm 36, bigenderfluid and novosexual (attraction changes dependent upon whether I'm male or female). I'm also happily married and a mother.
@Astara, May 2017
Novosexuality is a newer term that was created for those who identify as both Abrosexual and Genderfluid. Meaning in plan terms that both your sexuality and gender are fluid and ever changing.
@NovoAnew, Facebook, December 2019

Who uses novosexual?

The term novosexual is new and is not currently widespread in the LGBTQ community.

Sometimes novosexual is conflated with abrosexual (having a fluid sexual orientation) and gender-fluid (having a fluid gender identity). However, it is important to note that, for a novosexual person, both sexual orientation and gender are fluid, and they fluctuate together.

A related term is novoromantic, which is sometimes used to refer to the experience of when a person’s romantic attractions change with their gender. Like bisexual/bisexuality or heterosexual/heterosexuality, novosexual takes the noun form novosexuality

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