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National Shower with a Friend Day

[nash-uh-nl shou-er with uh frend dey]

What does National Shower with a Friend Day mean?

Created as a marketing scheme to sell shower filters, National Shower with a Friend Day is a joke holiday, marked on February 5, in which you, well, shower with a friend. Awkward?

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Where does National Shower with a Friend Day come from?


National Shower with a Friend Day was proclaimed in July 2014 by the National Day Calendar, a website which tracks these unofficial holidays that make the internet rounds, after it was registered by New Wave Enviro, a Colorado-based company that sells “Enviro Filters, Reusable Water bottles, and Litter Free Lunch products.”

As New Wave Enviro explained in a 2015 press release:

Winter is the coldest and loneliest season of the year. With dwindling daylight and Valentine’s Day at its heart, February can often leave people feeling somber. National ‘Shower with a Friend Day’ has been proclaimed and recorded as a National Holiday. This Nationally celebrated day will be celebrated the 5th of February each year.

While it’s nice to think that New Wave Enviro was looking out for our well-being, it seems their creation of National Shower with a Friend Day was, in reality, a sales gimmick, as the holiday was meant “to educate people on the benefits of showering in fresh, filtered water.” Fresh, filtered water best served through a New Wave Enviro shower filter, that is. But hey, it was just strange enough to get your attention (you looked it up, after all), as it took advantage of the popularity of unofficial National Days online.

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Examples of National Shower with a Friend Day

Happy National Shower With A Friend Day! Please celebrate responsibly.
@fredontv, February 2015
That's right! It's National Shower With A Friend Day. So don't be shy. Pull back that shower curtain...
@summitbeer, February 2017

Who uses National Shower with a Friend Day?

It’s unclear how many people actually partake in the National Shower with a Friend Day festivities, as photos and details are not typically shared on social mediawhich we think is for the best. Still, plenty of people publish posts making jokes about the holiday.

Companies also like taking advantage of the holiday to bring attention to their brand or content. Look out for the hashtag #NationalShowerWithAFriendDay online on February 5.

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