Vote For The Best Slang Word In English: Round Two Is Open!

Update: March Madness voting for round two has ended! See the winners below, and go vote in round 3

It’s time for round two of our slang competition at!

Last week, you told us how you really felt about popular slang words in round one of voting on our March Madness bracket. 

Favorite words and phrases like OK boomer, big mood, and snacc came out ahead, but there were also a few upsets.

VSCO Girl was eliminated by almost 1,000 votes in a match-up against basic. The struggle is real obliterated the newer terms egirl and eboy by over 1,100 votes. And, even though canceled is one of the more controversial slang words on the bracket, it came out ahead of the word bish by more than 300 votes.

This week, we’re asking you to vote on the remaining 32 words in our slang bracket. As a reminder, your job is to choose your favorite word in each pairing in the poll below.


Here’s how to vote:

  1. Simply click on your pick for each of the 16 head-to-head contests in the poll below.
      • The words that get the highest number of votes will advance next week to face off against one another!
      • After that, voting will take place on the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and then the championship!

Voting has closed on round 2. Here are the results!

If you’re wondering what happened to some of your favorite slang words, check out round one to see which words were kicked out early!


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