Vote For The Best Slang Word In English: March Madness Round Three Is Open!

march madness bracket

It’s time to vote on round three of our slang competition at!

There’s no basketball on television, but March Madness has continued safely here at We’ve been asking you to vote your way through a bracket while you’re hunkered down at home, and you’ve let us know in no uncertain terms that it was time for some words to go!

Take the match-up between low-key and drip. Drip has dripped away after a complete blow-out. We also saw slay get slayed by the behemoth that is the struggle is real.

This week, we’re asking you to vote on’s Sweet Sixteen! As a reminder, your job is to choose your favorite word in each pairing in the poll below.

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Simply click on your pick for each of the 16 head-to-head contests in the poll below.
      • The words that get the highest number of votes will advance next week to face off against one another!
      • After that, voting will take place on the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and then the championship!


    Voting for the third round will be open from March 19–March 24. Check back on March 24 to see which words survived, and vote on the Elite Eight. And don’t forget to check back on the weeks that have passed to see which words we had that have since gone away:


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