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What does binch mean?

Binch is an alternative, usually playful form of the coarse slang bitch, used especially online.

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Where does binch come from?

The slang bitch, long a slur against women, has been variously altered in spelling, as seen in the likes of betch and bish. Such euphemisms, sometimes called minced oaths, are common in English. Consider dang for damn, fudge for fuck, and heck for hell.

Until the mid-2010s, binch is found rarely online, often as an apparent typo for bench, bunch, and, yes, bitch. It was first entered as a workaround for bitch on Urban Dictionary in 2011.

In late 2014, however, binch, as a deliberate substitute for bitch, saw a jump in use online and began spreading.

Why binchBinch and bitch are very close in pronunciation and spelling, so binch may just have emerged as a softened, less offensive take on bitch. It’s also a way around profanity filters.

Indeed, Twitter notably suspended accounts starting in 2017 that directed profanity at verified accounts in an effort to crack down on abuse, likely giving binch a lift.

Examples of binch

Mom: you're showing your stomach??? / Me: YAS BINCH
@patheticgirrl, January 2015  
For anyone who’s concerned with developing a comedic voice, starting with a point of view is the first step. Might as well make it a helpful one, binch.
Bowen Yang by Mahita Gajanan, Time, February 2019

Who uses binch?

Binch is used just like bitch. It can be used in a positive, reclaimed way…

…or just like the vulgar slang it is based on.

Most often, however, binch is meant to be playful.

Its continued use may be due to the popularity of deliberate misspellings online, as seen in DoggoLingo and LOLcat.

Binch for bitch is not to be confused with “The Binch,” a satirical poem by Robert Suggs modeled on Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas about the the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The poem figures the Binch, based on the Grinch, as an Islamic terrorist. The poem spread online, frequently misattributed as something Suggs made to help explain 9/11 to children at an Atlanta hospital.

Nor is binch to be confused with Binch, a cookie made by the South Korean company Lotte.

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