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happy trail

[hap-ee treyl]

What does happy trail mean?

A happy trail is a vertical strip of hair running from the belly button down to the pubic region, usually associated with men.

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Where does happy trail come from?

Any kid who grew up in the United States in the 1950s probably knew The Roy Rogers Show, which closed with the now-classic song “Happy Trails to You,” written by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans-Rogers. The name of the song was based on the fact that Roy often signed his autographs “Happy trails, Roy Rogers,” with happy trails being a folksy way of wishing some well (cf., safe travels, bon voyage).

At least by the 1990s we see happy trails being described as a sexy feature for a man to have—it’s a line (trail) that leads down to the penis, a happy place for many. One early instance comes in a 1992 internet Usenet thread where people discussed preferences regarding male body hair.

Though happy trails have traditionally been seen as something that only men can rock, recent fashion trends have seen women occasionally growing out their happy trail, either as a statement or because they like it. Singer Julia Cumming grew out her happy trail and Instagrammed it.

In 2017, Vogue ran an article titled “The Happy Trail Is Officially the Last Frontier of Female Body Hair,” which spotlighted Cumming.

Examples of happy trail

Happy trails are so sexy, It’s always cute for a dude to have a lil hair on his stomach 😩❤️
@cvs3y, March, 2018
This spring, let’s embrace the far more stigmatized “happy trail,” the patch of hair some women grow between their belly buttons and their bush.
Eve Peyser, The Cut, March, 2016

Who uses happy trail?

While some call any abdominal hair a happy trail, the term usually refers to a thin line of hair running down to the pubic region from the navel, which resembles a trail with a happy ending …

Though happy trails have been seen as an attractive feature on men for a long time, other genders are starting to grow them out too. Equality people!

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