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What does hunty mean?

Hunty, a blend of honey and cunt(y), is a sassy term of endearment used in the drag community.

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Where does hunty come from?


As contemporary drag culture took shape in New York City in the 1990s, hunty was born among black and Latin LGBTQ+ members. It blends honey, a term of endearment, and cunt(y), a strong–but here, reclaimed–insult for a woman.

Like other drag slang such as snatched, beat, and readhunty was popularized by the competition-based, drag queen-starring reality TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which began airing in 2009. Urban Dictionary entered hunty not long after in 2011.

Hunty spread into popular culture, a favorite of singer Ariana Grande (who has used hunty in live performances and interviews) and Jeffree Star, who named a liquid lipstick after the term.

Examples of hunty

Морской пегас
me when my supervisor finally decides to call me to discuss the research paper. sorry hunty we close at 6
@noxysnoxy, October 2018
I don’t know who I became when I performed, but Edgar adopted the persona of The Johnny Deep as though he’d been that character his entire life...He pursed his lips. “Hunty, please,” he said.
Megan Ellis, Entropy, December 2016

Who uses hunty?

Hunty at once throws shade and kisses, e.g. Ohhhhh hunty, you look good but you better fix that busted eyeliner wing. It can have a tone of sass, sarcasm, or condescension but, ultimately, it’s usually said in love. e.g. There’s no one else I’d rather be with, hunty.

Since Ru Paul’s Drag Race, hunty has become more mainstream, but keep in mind that use of it especially by white, cisgendered men runs the risk of cultural appropriation, in part because of its connection to cunt, a very offensive word.


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