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What does sexbot mean?

A sexbot can refer to a robot that is designed for sex or a spam program disguised as an attractive person.

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Where does sexbot come from?

The concept of man–machine relations is older than you may think. In ancient Greek mythology, the blacksmith god Hephaestus created living beings out of metal called automatons. In addition to creating various animals, Hephaestus also designed automatons of beautiful maidens that “attended” to him at Mt. Olympus. We see what you’re up to, Heph.

Many centuries later, machines that resemble human beings, or androids, have become a common trope in science fiction, though we can find descriptions, speculations, and attempts at various automata throughout medieval and early modern history.

The specific word sexbot is a blend word of sex and robot in its shortened form of bot. By at least the 1980s, some science fiction authors had conjured up sexbots in their plots while others mused on the ethics of the matter. More recently, sexbot has been used by some critics to describe sexual machines and AI programs in works like Bladerunner 2049 and Westworld. The works themselves don’t actually use the word sexbot, however.

In the early  2000s, the sexbot became reality with the development of complex, responsive sex dolls. These dolls are sometimes called sexbots, though the term has been used with a mocking tone.

With the rise of social media in the 2000–10s, sexbot has been used to refer to automated chat or spam programs that pretend to be attractive people in order to lure the gullible to adults sites or infect them with malware. These sexbots are based on an internet bot, a program designed to perform some action automatically. They may be spambots, designed to push out spam, or chatbots, which churn out a script.

Examples of sexbot

A sexbot slid into my dm’s so I told her my life story...
@jimba555, June 12, 2020
And there you have it. If you can stomach the process of peeling off its face, and if you can live with the knowledge that your sexbot is actually the Terminator underneath all that silicone, she'll be totally reinvented and ready to go.
Zeynep Yenesiy, Maxim, January 12, 2018
That feeling when you almost reply to a sexbot because it asked an interesting question, then save yourself by looking at the profile.
@NonWhiteHat, July 19, 2017

Who uses sexbot?

Sexbots, as humanoid machines built for sex, still appear in science fiction, although the modern take on the concept is a little less … philosophical … and more erotic.  Sexbot Chronicles: Cyberpunk Lust and Programmed To Please (The Tau Cetus Chronicles Book 1) are just two examples from the genre.

Actual sex robots, or sex dolls, are also sometimes called sexbots.

Encountering a sexbot, also called pornbot, is a familiar experience for anyone who spends a little time on social media, where they are the subject of much frustration and humor.

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