or lambon or lambona

[lam-bohn] or [lam-bohn-uh]

What does lambón mean?


Lambón is a insulting Spanish word that variously refer to a "suck-up," "kiss-ass," "creep," or "freeloader."

Examples of lambón


Examples of lambón
Here comes that lambón Johnny. He still owes me money for our Miami Spice lunch.
Amy Reyes,, September 2017
People who act broke when they’re not is cool and everything but not when they’re leeching off everyone and everything gtfoh whether you’re broke or not stop being a lambon/lambona that shit is so embarrassing!!! Have you no pride at all??
@AquadisiacELLE, January 2019
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Where does lambón come from?

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The exact origins of lambón are unknown. It’s possible that the word comes from the older Spanish verb lamber, “to lick.” The word is closely associated with Colombian and Dominican slang.

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The meaning of lambón varies from region to region. In the Dominican Republic, a lambón (or the female version, lambona), is someone who takes advantage of others. They’re the classic freeloader who mooches off people.

In Colombia, as well as Ecuador and Panama, a lambón is more of a bootlicker, suck-up, or sycophant. Someone who brown-noses to a boss or a politician might be called their lambón.

Who uses lambón?

Lambón (and lambona) is found throughout the Latin American Spanish-speaking world, including Mexico, Colombia, and Caribbean nations like the Dominican Republic. It’s also used by Spanish-speakers in the US, often mixed in with English.

Lambón is not only informal, it’s also considered vulgar. Calling someone a lambón (or a lambona) is definitely an insult.

Lambón can be used as a modifier e.g., “servile” person, or, more often, a noun, e.g., No seas lambón (Don’t be a suck-up) or Es un lambón de mi jefe (He’s a suck-up to my boss).

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