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or vete a la verga or me vale verga [vair-guh]

What does verga mean?

When does a word for penis not just mean “penis”? When it’s the Spanish word verga.

Verga can mean “penis,” but also “rod,” “fuck,” “hell,” and just about any vulgarity, it seems. This is a word we can get behind.

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Where does verga come from?


The Spanish verga comes from the Latin virga, meaning “rod” or “staff.” Before the word even evolved into Spanish, Latin authors as early as the sixth century were using virga as a euphemism for penis. Rod, penis … because it’s just so easy.

Early instances of the word verga in the written Spanish language go back to the 16th century. As in Latin, it was used for its literal meaning “rod” or “staff” but also “penis.”

Todo Memes

By the 18th century, verga was being used in Spanish for the “crossbeam” of masts on a ship (or the yard in boat lingo). It was the Age of Exploration, after all. This brought Spanish to the Americas, where verga entered its next chapter.

By the 19th century, verga had become a general vulgar word in much of the Spanish-speaking world. Like many profanitiesthink of good ol’ versatile fuckit didn’t just mean “penis” or “rod.” It was being used as shit, fuck, or hell in some contexts. Why not?

There are many popular Spanish-language expressions that use verga. Me vale verga, literally “it’s worth a penis to me,” means basically “I don’t care.” Vete a la verga, another choice phrase, is “fuck you” or “go to hell.” There’s also a la verga, used to convey excitement or shock, like Holy shit!

Examples of verga

My home girl told me “Ala verga” and i typed that shit in the GPS🙂 my ass thought it was a food place
@BrunoHendrix1k, October, 2018
¡Ni mierda! ¡Me vale verga! [No shit! I couldn't give a fuck!],' she exclaimed. 'The Sandinistas owe me.'
Dennis Rodgers, Enduring Socialism, 2013

Who uses verga?

The vulgar verga is used throughout the Spanish-speaking world, especially Mexico and Central America. And unless you’re a sailor, verga is mostly used as a profanity.

Verga is sweary, so we wouldn’t recommend using it around your abuelita.

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