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Veritas Aequitas

ver-i-tahs ee-qui-tahs ]

What does Veritas Aequitas mean?

Veritas Aequitas are Latin words meaning “truth” and “justice,” respectively. They are used together and closely associated with the 1999 film Boondock Saints.

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Where does Veritas Aequitas come from?

Veritas means “truth” or “reality” in Latin, personified as a goddess of truth. The English words very and verity, among others, are derived from it. Veritas is also seen in the Latin proverb in vino veritas (“in wine, truth”), and it is the one-word motto of Harvard University. Literally “evenness,” Aequitas is the Latin for “fairness” and “equality,” the latter word so related to it. The concept was represented in a goddess of honest merchants.

Together, Veritas Aequitas notably appear in the 1999 action film Boondock Saints, following two Irish Catholic twins fighting Boston’s criminal underground. Connor MacManus (Sean Patrick Flanery) has VERITAS tattooed on his trigger finger while his counterpart Murphy (Norman Reedus) has AEQUITAS. The tattoos are meant to symbolize their personalities and vigilante values.

Examples of Veritas Aequitas

We’ve got a BDS [Boondock Saints] Brothers mini rosary. And lastly, we’ve got a BDS Veritas Aequitas keychain, so you can keep the boys with you all day long...That’s a damn nice prize pack, if I do say so myself.
Dave3, Geeks of Doom, July 16, 2013
Just got kidnapped! My friends wanted to watch bds 1 and 2!! *Veritas & Aequitas*
@TeamMurphyM, May 27, 2010
Got our BDS tat.''AEQUITAS'' & ''VERITAS'' after 7yrs waitin.
@lulubell5150, November 22, 2012

Who uses Veritas Aequitas?

Veritas Aequitas is a theme of Boondock Saints, and it’s often interpreted as dispatching the baddies at all costs when on a mission of righteousness. It’s also a shorthand for the film itself in popular culture.

If someone’s online handle is Veritas Aequitas, it’s almost a sure thing that they’re fans of Boondock Saints and espouse the brothers’ moody, hard-edged approach to righting wrongs. It’s not uncommon to see the hashtags #VeritasAequitas in online discussion of the film. Some more diehard fans even get the words tattooed on their index fingers.

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