Your College in a Word 2016

In 2014, you may have seen our analysis of what words are most looked up in certain US cities. We found that Boston was looking up fender-bender and Dallas was looking up peep. Last year we took that approach to a different sort of community: college campuses. This year in honor of March Madness, we decided to take another look at college campuses. What words are students at Dartmouth or Baylor or the University of Miami looking up? Are there differences in the kinds of words students at different schools look up? To determine what words universities look up the most, we isolated searches for 2015 in zip codes associated with these campuses and in zip codes near these schools that have high concentrations of college students as determined by US census data. Do you know why these words were popular at these schools? Let us know in the comments! Baylor University: phlegmatic Boston College: irascibly Boston University: measurement Brown University: trust Columbia University: barter Cornell University: amiable Dartmouth College: bare DePaul University: wreaking Duke University: encomium Gonzaga University: last Harvard University: fat Indiana University Bloomington: comport Iowa State University: photoautotroph Northeastern University: metaphor University of Notre Dame: judeochristian Princeton University: abode Providence College: contender Rice University: hopeful Sam Houston State University: environment Smith College: sparkle Southern Methodist University: godspeed Texas A&M University: computer Texas State University: utilitarianism Tufts College: onomatopoeia University of Houston: ethics University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign: imperative University of Kansas: precipitation University of Maryland, College Park: exigence University of Miami: historical novels University of New Hampshire: awesome University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: chagrined University of Oklahoma: hydrate University of Oregon: hurricane University of Pennsylvania: niche University of Texas: masochist University of Vermont: knowledge University of Virginia: reprisal University of Wisconsin-Madison: physique Villanova University: ambivalent Wellesley College: dissolve Yale University: ambiguous

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