[ bahr-bair-ee-uhn ]
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  1. a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person.

  2. a person without culture, refinement, or education; philistine.

  1. (loosely) a foreigner.

  2. (in ancient and medieval periods)

    • a non-Greek.

    • a person living outside, especially north of, the Roman Empire.

    • a person not living in a Christian country or within a Christian civilization.

  3. (among Italians during the Renaissance) a person of non-Italian origin.

Origin of barbarian

First recorded in 1540–50; from Latin barbari(a) “barbarous country” (see barbarous, -ia) + -an

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6. Barbarian, barbaric, barbarous pertain to uncivilized people. Barbarian is the general word for anything uncivilized: a barbarian tribe. Barbaric has both unfavorable and mildly favorable connotations, implying crudeness of taste or practice, or conveying an idea of rude magnificence and splendor: barbaric noise. Barbarous emphasizes the inhumanity and cruelty of barbarian life: barbarous customs.

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Other words from barbarian

  • bar·bar·i·an·ism, noun
  • half-bar·bar·i·an, adjective
  • non·bar·bar·i·an, adjective, noun

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/ (bɑːˈbɛərɪən) /

  1. a member of a primitive or uncivilized people

  2. a coarse, insensitive, or uncultured person

  1. a vicious person

  1. of an uncivilized culture

  2. insensitive, uncultured, or brutal

Origin of barbarian

C16: see barbarous

Derived forms of barbarian

  • barbarianism, noun

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