[ buhf-uh-loh ]
/ 藞b蕦f 蓹藢lo蕣 /
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noun, plural buf路fa路loes, buf路fa路los, (especially collectively) buf路fa路lo.
any of several large wild oxen of the family Bovidae.Compare bison, Cape buffalo, water buffalo.
a shuffling tap-dance step.
verb (used with object), buf路fa路loed, buf路fa路lo路ing.Informal.
to puzzle or baffle; confuse; mystify: He was buffaloed by the problem.
to impress or intimidate by a display of power, importance, etc.: The older boys buffaloed him.
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Origin of buffalo

1535鈥45, Americanism; earlier bufalo<Portuguese (now bufaro) <Late Latin b奴falus, variant of Latin b奴balusbubal

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[ buhf-uh-loh ]
/ 藞b蕦f 蓹藢lo蕣 /

a port in W New York, on Lake Erie.
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/ (藞b蕦f蓹藢l蓹蕣) /

noun plural -loes or -lo
Also called: Cape buffalo a member of the cattle tribe, Syncerus caffer, mostly found in game reserves in southern and eastern Africa and having upward-curving horns
short for water buffalo
Also called: bison US and Canadian a member of the cattle tribe, Bison bison, formerly widely distributed over the prairies of W North America but now confined to reserves and parks, with a massive head, shaggy forequarters, and a humped backRelated adjective: bubaline
verb (tr) US and Canadian informal
(often passive) to confuse
to intimidate

Word Origin for buffalo

C16: from Italian bufalo, from Late Latin b奴falus, alteration of Latin b奴balus; see bubal

British Dictionary definitions for buffalo (2 of 2)

/ (藞b蕦f蓹藢l蓹蕣) /

a port in W New York State, at the E end of Lake Erie. Pop: 285聽018 (2003 est)
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City in western New York, on Lake Erie and the Niagara River.

notes for Buffalo

Niagara Falls is northwest of Buffalo.
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