[ slath-er ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to spread or apply thickly: to slather butter on toast.

  2. to spread something thickly on (usually followed by with): to slather toast with butter.

  1. to spend or use lavishly.

  1. Often slathers. a generous amount: slathers of money.

Idioms about slather

  1. open slather, Australian. complete freedom.

Origin of slather

1810–20, in sense “to slip, slide”; origin uncertain

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How to use slather in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for slather


/ (ˈslæðə) /

  1. (usually plural) informal a large quantity

  2. open slather Australian and NZ slang a situation in which there are no restrictions; free-for-all

verb(tr) US and Canadian slang
  1. to squander or waste

  2. to spread thickly or lavishly

Origin of slather

C19: of unknown origin

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