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or penis emoticon [pee-nis ih-moh-ti-kon]

What does 8=D mean?

Don’t be tricked. 8=D is not a smiley: It’s an emoticon depiction of a penis.

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Where does 8=D come from?


8=D is a penis made with typographical symbols, the emoji precursors known as emoticons. These date back to the 1980s, often credited to a Carnegie Mellon professor, Dr. Scott Fahlman, who proposed in 1982 the classic smiley :-) to indicate something content was joking in a digital message and :-( when it wasn’t.

Exactly when 8=D, um, arises, isn’t exactly clear, but it appeared on an adult Usenet group as early as 2000 to advertise porn websites and phone sex hotlines. The number 8 is intended to represent testicles, the equals sign (=) the shaft, and the letter D the tip of a penis. The symbol spread on early chat programs like AOL Instant Messenger in the 1990s. Variants include 8=> or 3=D.

While emoji largely usurped emoticons by the 2010s, there has never been an official Unicode representation of a penis. Users are resourceful, however, and so many took to the eggplant emoji (🍆), among other phallic emoji foods like banana (🍌) and hot dog (🌭) , to continue the legacy of 8=D.

Examples of 8=D

i like penis 8==D
@CassieDemola, March 2018  
8===D~~ Nailing your Fart Box is what we do best, (Usenet), November 2004
The most sophisticated humour ever is when they have [8==D] as their clan tag. That's worthy of the New Yorker there.
Peregrin921 (user), GameFAQs, August 2010  

Who uses 8=D?

8=D stills sees occasional use online and in text messages as a stand in for “penis,” often for humorous, sexual, or even just downright random ends.

Occasionally, additional equals signs are used to lengthen the intended penis, e.g., 8====D. Some even add others symbols, like the tilde, after the D to represent ejaculation, e.g., 8===D~~~.

Some old-school internet users and anti-emoji hipsters may or reference 8=D for nostalgic effect.

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