Are You An Aquarius? These Words Are Calling Your Name

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Just after the season of Capricorn comes to a close, the age of Aquarius is upon us. It usually runs from around January 20–February 18. In addition to claiming one of the best songs about an astrological sign ever (“This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius …”), Aquarians are a special bunch.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Common characteristics often used to describe Aquarians include individualistic, independent, and humanitarian, and those traits serve many well. Famous Aquarians include the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Jennifer Aniston, and Oprah Winfrey. Talk about being in good company!

There’s so much more to Aquarians though. Read on to see if these additional descriptors sound like you or the Aquarians in your life.

What’s Aquarius mean, anyway?

Like the other signs of the zodiac, the word Aquarius has Latin roots. It stems from the word aquarius, which means “water-carrier” (yes, aquarium is related). The Aquarius imagery features a person (sometimes a man, sometimes a young boy) carrying a vessel of water and letting the water flow freely from it. The connection to water is reflected in the symbol for Aquarius, which appears on the Aquarius emoji ♒.

The base of the word—the Latin aqua, meaning “water”—is a bit misleading, though, since Aquarius is an air sign. Tricky, right? Other air signs include Gemini and Libra, all of which are known for their intellect and gregarious nature.

The Age of Aquarius is a term that popped up in the mid-1960s to describe an “era believed to bring increased spirituality and harmony on earth.” While it’s supposed to last about 2,160 years, when it will begin isn’t clear. Some astrologers say it coincided with the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere in 2021. Others claim it will begin in 2597. Either way, this is an era we’ve been patiently waiting for (and singing) about!

Chart your linguistic stars by taking a closer look at the meaning and usage of the term Aquarius.

What being an Aquarius may mean about you …

Like with most signs, there are both positive and not-so-positive traits associated with the Aquarius sign. Let’s start with the positive. Here are some great words that frequently describe Aquarians:

  1. Humanitarian: Aquarians are driven to help people and improve their welfare. So it’s no surprise that there are numerous famous humanitarians who are Aquarians, including Susan B. Anthony and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  2. Assertive: If you know an Aquarius, you know they’re no shrinking violet. They are committed to standing up for what’s right and aren’t afraid to share their opinions, no matter if people like them or not.
  3. Open-minded: No one is going to tell an Aquarius what to do or think. An Aquarius likes to march to their own beat and look at issues and situations from all sides.
  4. Confident: Those born under the Aquarius sign are blessed with self-assuredness about who they are and what they want in life. While they’ll listen to others, they’re also committed to their beliefs and don’t waiver under pressure.
  5. Creative: Curious, inventive, and up for adventure, Aquarians like to explore the world and create new things. A few famously creative Aquarians include Virginia Woolf, Toni Morrison, and Garth Brooks.

Nobody is perfect, not even Aquarians

As for the more challenging characteristics of an Aquarius, they often include the following:

  1. Obstinate: One person’s determination can be downright stubbornness to another. Aquarians are sometimes so set in their ways, they can be unyielding and frustrating.
  2. Aloof: All that Aquarian confidence and independence may come off as aloof to those who don’t know an Aquarian well. While they don’t mind being alone, most Aquarians aren’t loners, though, and have a wide circle of friends.
  3. Unpredictable: Things don’t get dull around Aquarians, but their great sense of adventure and need for stimulation can make them a bit unpredictable and potentially unreliable. Emphasis on potentially.
  4. Impulsive: Aquarians are quick to follow their guts. Sometimes that works, but a bit more forethought may serve them well in many cases.
  5. Detached: Aquarians aren’t the most expressive bunch when it comes to their emotions, and instead tend to be more objective. That doesn’t mean they don’t care, though; you just may have to spend a bit more time getting to know them and their generous nature.

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If you’re an Aquarius or know someone who is one, you’ve probably nodded your head more than once as you read along. While astrology isn’t a scientific study, and many say it’s a bunch of poppycock, it’s often uncanny just how many characteristics match up with a person’s sign.

Do these words describe you or the Aquarians in your life?

Feeling as confident as an Aquarius? Review our Aquarius word list, which can be used to create spelling quizzes and flashcards, or take our quick Aquarius quiz for some thrills.

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