1. đź’© Pile of Poo emoji

    The pile of poo emoji is used in a variety of contexts. A common usage is replacing the expletive shit (or crap), in both the literal and figurative senses. It can also be used to…
  2. Famous Names That Inspired Common Words

  3. Last Month In Pop Language: “I Like It” And Other July #1s

    by Molly Rosen Marriner It’s another installment of Last Month in Pop Language, a column where the most popular (statistically) song, book, and film of the month will have their words analyzed in hopes of drawing a conclusion about language’s current usage—and future. At the end of each monthly column, we’ll draw a conclusion: Was last month’s pop language masterly, malevolent, or merely meh? Film: Ant-Man and the Wasp …

  4. good vibes

    Good vibes is a slang phrase for the positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation.
  5. The Dictionary Is Political: The Complication With Collusion

    by Kory Stamper published May 22, 2018When we use dictionaries, we think that we are getting a pure view of language, one uncluttered by spin, by misuse, by shifting context. But, lexicographers like me will tell you that language is context. Every meaning in a dictionary is written based on the contextual uses of a word—and context, like people, can get confusing and messy. In …

  6. Pyramid Head

    Pyramid Head

    Pyramid Head is a fictional monster, who wears a triangular helmet and wields a giant knife, from the video game and film series Silent Hill.
  7. Pog


    '90s kids will remember Pogs as those collectible cardboard bottle caps kids played with during recess back in the day. Both the disks themselves and the game as a whole are called Pogs. Related words: Beanie…
  8. If Aliens Watched Our Media, They’d Describe Us With These Words

  9. yellow background with words assless chaps on it

    assless chaps

    Guess what ... saying assless is redundant here, because chaps by definition don't have a seat. Just so you know. While chaps were originally worn around the waist to protect the legs of horseback riders, assless chaps…
  10. dilly dilly

    dilly dilly

    Dilly dilly is a nonsense expression for "Cheers!," popularized by a 2017–18 medieval-themed Bud Light ad campaign. Related words: Ben Roethlisberger Game of Thrones Hear, hear! pit of misery
  11. Its Everyday Bro

    It’s Everyday Bro

    It's Everyday Bro is the title of one of the first songs and music videos released by YouTuber Jake Paul and his social-media crew. Its tagline is a lightning rod for those who love—and hate—Jake…
  12. ever after

    ever after

    ... and they lived happily ever after. Ever after is a phrase that means "from this on." It often appears in the phrase happily ever after, a conventional ending for fairy tales associated with lasting love.…