1. QAnon

    QAnon is the name of a far-right conspiracy theory that believes there is a deep state plot, slowly being exposed online by an anonymous leader named Q, against President Donald Trump.
  2. We Can Thank Alexander Hamilton For Giving Us These Words

    He may have been 🎶dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor🎶 … but by now we all know Alexander Hamilton grew up to be a hero and a scholar. However, did you know the first secretary of the treasury was also quite the linguist? Since Lin-Manuel Miranda turned Hamilton from a mysterious face on our $10 bill …

  3. Hokie

    No, a Hokie is not a dance you learned back in elementary school involving sticking bits of your body "in and out" (that's the hokey-pokey). Spelled with an "ie" at the end, a Hokie is…
  4. murder porn

    Murder porn is a term used to describe the consumption of violent crime stories as entertainment. It can be used to reference both fictional and true accounts of homicides, although it’s usually used to refer…
  5. PSL

    PSL is short for pumpkin spice latte. This seasonal caffeinated drink is typically sold at Starbucks during fall, featuring autumnal flavors such as cinnamon and nutmeg. PSL can also sometimes be used as an acronym…
  6. Cross-Race Effect

    The Cross-Race Effect explains why some people are better at recognizing faces of people of their own race, rather than those of a different race. It is sometimes called the Other-Race Effect or Own-Race Bias.
  7. white privilege

    White privilege is the unearned, mostly unacknowledged social advantage white people have over other racial groups simply because they are white.
  8. getty

    How To Avoid The Hardest Words To Spell

    Texts to mom. Emails to your boss. Resumes. Cover letters. Job applications. Orthography is everywhere, and, even if you’re a master speller, most folks have that one word that has proven to be their spelling kryptonite. Now for a little good news. There’s a secret to skirting those spelling speed bumps without revealing your fatal flaw: substitute a synonym. diarrhea Diarrhea. I'm an ER nurse. …

  9. flop account

    Flop account is a term that describes a social-media account used to debate things that the poster deems a “flop” or “cringeworthy."
  10. In My Feelings Challenge

    The In My Feelings Challenge is the name for a viral dance trend in which people dance outside of an open car door to the song "In My Feelings" by rapper Drake.