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They are Leos, hear them roar. People born under this most majestic zodiac sign arrive into this world between July 23–August 22, and once they do, they’re ready to take it head on. The Leo sign comes after Cancer in the calendar and before Virgo.

Represented by a lion, the term Leo stems from the Latin word for “lion,” which is spelled the same: leo. Leo is a fire sign, and those born under it are as fierce as lions, too. They’re often described as leaders who are determined, assertive, and driven. Think king or queen of their jungle!

Leo is a zodiacal constellation that can be seen by the naked eye and includes a bright star known as Regulus. The stars are arranged in a pattern that resembles a question mark, and they represent the lion’s mane. The Leo emoji ♌️ usually depicts the symbol for Leo, a circle and squiggly line meant to represent a simplified lion.

Leos often find careers in politics or take top leadership positions at various companies. They also have a creative streak, and many embark on careers in theatre, film, and other arts. Famous Leos include the likes of Barack Obama, Madonna, Daniel Radcliffe, Laurence Fishburne, Jennifer Lopez, Helen Mirren, and a large cast of other royally impressive sorts.

Here are some other traits that are common among people born under this fierce sign.

Chart your linguistic stars by taking a closer look at the meaning and usage of the term Leo.

Wonderful words that describe Leos

There’s so much to love about Leos. Here are some words you might use to describe them.

  1. Lionhearted: Leos tend to be brave—so brave you might even say they’re lionhearted, which means “especially courageous or brave.” They aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or those they love, and will go to great lengths to fight for what is right and what they want in life. You might also say they’re valiant.
  2. Dynamic: With an abundance of energy and a zest for living life to the fullest, Leos are dynamic. They are captivating, charismatic, and entertaining. In other words, they make excellent dinner party guests.
  3. Ardent: Leos aim high and go after what they want. They are ardent in their pursuits and passions, and won’t let anything or anyone get in their way. Fittingly, the word ardent stems from the Latin word ārdēre, which means “to burn,” and Leos definitely burn with a desire to pursue their dreams.
  4. Exuberant: Leos love life, and they live it out loud with exuberance. Entertaining and never ones to shy away from the limelight, they are fun to be around, and their enthusiasm is contagious.
  5. Loyal: People don’t want to be around Leos just because they’re entertaining. They’re also fiercely loyal and make excellent friends and romantic partners. Passionate and honest, they love deeply and always have their loved ones’ backs.

Feeling exuberant over these words? You can save and share them with our Dictionary.com Leo Zodiac Traits word list. Review the full list here.

Where Leos may be lacking

As lovely as they are, Leos also tend to possess some traits that can get in their way and make them frustrating to deal with. Here are a few words that might come to mind when the Leo in your life is less than likeable:

  1. Arrogant: All that self-confidence and bravery can sometimes translate into arrogance. Leos may be a little too confident in their actions and come off as condescending to others who want to take a different course.
  2. Inflexible: While mules get a bad rap for being stubborn, those born under the sign of the lion can also be inflexible. They often have a “my way or the highway” attitude, and compromise isn’t always in their vocabulary.
  3. Jealous: So ambitious are Leos, they often want what other people have, and that green-eyed monster of jealousy often rears its head. It’s not a good color on them, and their jealousy can lead them to bad behavior.
  4. Competitive: Driven to win, Leos will do what it takes to get that win, and that’s not always a good thing, especially when it involves deceit and other cutthroat behavior they at times resort to. While being competitive can help Leos achieve their dreams, it can also bring out their ugly side along the way.
  5. Demanding: Leos set high expectations for themselves, which is fine, but when they start to impose them on others around them, they often become quite demanding. Control issues among Leos aren’t uncommon, and their tendency toward vanity adds fuel to those fires.

Does this sound like a Leo you know?

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