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Fashion Nova

or FashionNova [fash-uhn noh-vuh]

What does Fashion Nova mean?

Fashion Nova is a Los Angeles-based clothing retailer that specializes in inexpensive streetwear, especially modern, stylish women’s apparel for all body types. They cater to Instagram and are known for their savvy on the platform.

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Where does Fashion Nova come from?

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Spend enough time on Instagram, and Fashion Nova will inevitably pop up. This fast fashion retailer was founded in 2006 and exploded in popularity in the late 2010s.

Fashion Nova is noted for their Instagram marketing (their handle is @fashionnova and they boast over 16 million followers). They have a reputation for selling clothes worn by the “Instagram baddie”—impossibly cool, curvy women on Instagram. Fashion Nova also has a men’s line and line for large women’s body types called Curve.

The Fashion Nova brand began to take off in 2016 when they partnered with the likes of Kylie and Khloé Kardashian, reality television superstars. Both posted Fashion Nova-sponsored content and tagged the brand to promote it to their followers—though friction has since arisen with the Kardashians as Fashion Nova is accused of copying some of their signature looks.

Fashion Nova gained even more fame and followers with two collections (so far) with hip-hop artist Cardi B, who dubbed them bollections (based on substituting the letter B for C, originating with the Bloods gang)  one in November 2018, the other in May 2019.

Examples of Fashion Nova

I could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit 🖤
@mikaynicole_, July 2019
Anthropologie is Fashion Nova for white women. / And before you try to reply and discuss the price differences, please note the costs are proportional to the wage differences between white and minority women. / This is a bulletproof theory.
@Yassir_Lester, June 2019

Who uses Fashion Nova?

It’s indisputable that Fashion Nova is popular. They have millions of followers on Instagram, and hundreds of thousands of posts of women showing off Fashion Nova looks are tagged #NovaBabe and similar variants.

A Fashion Nova collection may release hundreds of items at prices—and sizes—that fit women of all body types.

However, Fashion Nova has been accused of promoting a fashion culture that makes money off of poorly made clothing suitable only for an Instagram picture.

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